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Customer References

Matt Voda


Exchange Engineer for a large financial institution

Ontrack PowerControls is a must-have utility for any Admin or Support person running Exchange! This has been a go-to utility for us for over 15 years, in all instances saving us time and money. Ontrack PowerControls is used daily by our support staff to crack open .edb files and to do single mailbox recovery. We also had a large PST export project to meet a compliance requirement for our company which we were able to complete using Ontrack PowerControls. With the flexibility of the command line and a little scripting, we were able to export over 40,000 mailboxes to PST files and generate a full log file to meet the project’s reporting and reconciliation requirements. In addition to helping us complete the project on time, Kroll Ontrack support was very helpful getting us additional documentation and helping to put together the correct command line syntax.

Lorrie Kramer
Home User

“I recently worked with Angie to recover pictures on a computer that crashed. I thought the pictures were lost forever, very devastating as you can imagine. Your company recovered over 2000 pictures. Everyone I worked with from Angie, tech support, and the senior lead data recovery engineer , were extremely professional and very patient with me. I’m not good with computers and they walked me through how to locate my pictures. I wanted to thank you and your company for all the hard work you do. You restored years of memories through the pictures recovered.”

Clyde Huff
SFI of Tennessee, LLC

When SFI of Tennessee needed to recover email data from over 3 years ago, Ontrack PowerControls was the solution. Mailboxes used by former employees were not readily available; they were not moved when the new email system was installed in 2013. Then the fun started. The old email server would not function because the network had been updated. And, the backup software would not recover the files because the server would not come online.

Then we remembered Ontrack PowerControls. It installed in less than 15 minutes. The ExtractWizard read and cataloged the tapes. The files and logs were recovered directly from the tapes and the individual messages were found with the easy to use Search function. The product did everything and more. I will be recommending it to anyone who asks about recovering old emails.

Rich Kirk
Home User

"You are by far the best in the business. My sales representative was a tremendous help throughout the process and was very understanding. All other vendors I contacted appeared to charge two, three and in one case six times more than you. I recommend you to any and all with regards to data recovery in the extreme! Again, you are the best of the best!"

Jason Newman
LAN Administrator, CB Manufacturing & Sales

"When I couldn't access the data on my Dell PowerEdge 2900 RAID 5, I immediately contacted Kroll Ontrack. After consulting an Ontrack Data Recovery engineer, they connected to my system directly through their remote data recovery capabilities. It turns out my MFT had become corrupt. Kroll Ontrack was able to rebuild it and recover all of my data, including a custom database. They even helped me mount my custom database after the recovery. I would definitely recommend them!"

Jeffrey Sitcov
Founder & President, Photocharity

"Besides having a great reputation for their work, Kroll Ontrack has a big heart. My 501-c-3 organization Photocharity, that has saved 1700 homeless youth in long-term housing in San Diego, could not afford to pay for getting our data back after our hard drive crashed. Kroll Ontrack staff, touched by our efforts, donated our repair. The savings to our organization will allow us to feed 20 homeless youth breakfast for three months. I cannot thank Rob Harrel & Kroll Ontrack enough."

Mukesh Trivedi
IT Manager, Modernfold Styles

"When we learned about looming Hurricane Sandy, we sprang into action and made a backup of all of our servers to be on the safe side. However, we couldn't have predicted that the river half a mile from our office would have flooded to the extent it did, leaving all of our servers and our backup tapes submerged in 28 inches of water. I found Kroll Ontrack through an Internet search, and it is a good thing I did. They were able to recover 100 percent of Modernfold Styles' data, an office space design company that has been in business since 1957. Without their efforts and success, we would have to rebuild our business from scratch."

Curtis Birkmann
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Bank of Manhattan, NA

Thank you Mr. Burmeister and all of Kroll Ontrack for the complete professionalism that the Bank of Manhattan has experienced in working with your teams on the recovery of our Netapp Storage Area Network with VMWare ESXi 4.1 running numerous Microsoft Server 2003 and 2008 Operating Systems.

When the Bank of Manhattan had a recovery event that needed to be performed, Kroll Ontrack was contacted and they were able to very quickly start a recovery event with continuous 24x7 operations until the event was resolved.

Kroll Ontrack was successfully able to utilize their proprietary solutions for our complex multiple layered operating systems platform and provide prompt and attentive service throughout the resolution path. The Bank of Manhattan benefitted by using Kroll Ontrack's recovery process in three key areas:

  • Limited Downtime — By using Kroll Ontrack, The Bank of Manhattan was able to restore key virtual servers in 30% less time than our traditional offsite recovery process.
  • Recovery vs. Restoration — Kroll Ontrack provided The Bank of Manhattan with complete images of key virtual servers, at the exact time of hardware failure, rather than at the time of last backup or snapshot. This approach allowed us to recover multiple integrated servers at the exact point of failure.
  • Continuous 24x7 Resolution — Kroll Ontrack employed teams in geographically separate time zones to provide the Bank of Manhattan with a continuous resolution path while reporting hourly, sometimes up to the minute, statistic on the project and its estimated completion hour. Having this information at hand allowed the Bank of Manhattan to accurately staff the recovery implementation which allowed us to bring the servers back online within the most efficient schedule realizable.

In Summary, thank you Kroll Ontrack for your expertise in complex recovery solutions. You have provided the Bank of Manhattan with prompt and attentive service, professionalism, an efficient approach to recovery, and a highly desirable option for our Business Continuity planning.

Andrew Reeder
Network Administrator, Midwest Consulting Group

"I just wanted to let you know how well Ontrack PowerControls was performing for us this morning. I have already reclaimed several mailboxes and public folders from a corrupted BKF file, and it has all been very easy and manageable. Thanks again to you and your staff, I appreciate the help."

Bill Olsen
Assistant Director of Technology, Parkway School District

"The "user volume" had disappeared from our SAN erasing a significant fraction of a terabyte of home directory data for over 2,500 district staff. Since we could not remount the lost volume, and our backup tapes proved to be incomplete, we contacted Ontrack. Through the following two days, Ontrack performed a Remote Data Recovery of the failed volume. A short time later we were able to mount and access that data on the volume just as it had been prior to the failure. I found their RDR services to be a highly satisfactory solution."

Brigid Massaro
GE Healthcare

"After my hard drive experienced physical damage, I contacted Ontrack to recover my data. The level of customer service that I received was outstanding. I was constantly kept up to date on the status of my data recovery, and the entire process was quick and hassle-free."

Burt Boudreaux
Kraft Foods

"Today, very few companies offer both first class customer service and products. Ontrack recovered all the data from a damaged drive I sent them and it was done in a timely manner with excellent communication throughout the whole process."

Christopher K. Benson
Home User

"When my screen went blue, I was concerned because my hard drive held hundreds of pictures of my son from birth to 6 months. Losing the pictures really wasn't an option but it felt like almost a certainty! I was so happy when I found Ontrack Data Recovery. The turnaround was extremely fast and I am elated to say every bit of data was recovered. Ontrack has my vote. Their customer service excellence, along with their first rate technical capabilities, can't be beat."

Dan Benevento
Princeton University / Dept. of Elec. Engineering

"The service we experienced with Ontrack was excellent. We had an "emergency recovery" done on a hard drive and it was completed and delivered within 24 hours! Thank you for your excellent customer service!"

Darryl Burton
Wakool Shire Council

"I am extremely impressed by the product and am already recommending it to my counterparts in local government in this region after only 12 hours of use in demo mode. It is really a great management tool. I have now implemented Exchange backups to NAS appliances and am able to recover those lost e-mails and contacts in a matter of minutes. My status as IT Officer has risen immensely thanks to your product."

David Nandell
FHLB Des Moines

"I just have to say, in all my 15 years in IT, your product – Ontrack PowerControls – is absolutely amazing! Everybody on the planet should know about this product. Your product is all you need for email retention policy."

David Rinker
Chief Architect - Global Managed Services, The Sage Group plc

"Ontrack PowerControls enables us to perform very efficient SAN-based snapshot backups but still be able to easily recover even a single message in a matter of minutes."

Gary Guthary
Magellan Financial Planning

"I'm writing to tell you that your software worked FLAWLESSLY!!!! I got a lot of smiles around the office today when I delivered to my users their recovered e-mails, etc. By far, this is an OUTSTANDING product. Anybody who administers an Exchange server should have this tool in his/her back pocket.

Also, thanks for your super-fast response in getting the license file and software to me."

Gene Perry
The Home Service Store

"The bottom line is that PowerControls is truly incredible and is a must have for any system administrator. It offers fast recovery time as a cost effective solution for mailbox recovery. PowerControls is a good utility for the long term as well, justifying expense in 2 critical areas."

Geni P. Hawkins
Network Systems Manager - LANs, Highline School District #401

"When an administrator inadvertently deleted an Active Directory organizational unit containing a number of Exchange-enabled accounts, we were faced with some 75 users who'd lost all their email, including some with legal significance. Restoring the Active Directory accounts didn't restore the users' mailbox data, and building an Exchange restoration server would have taken several days and been too risky for an enterprise our size (approximately 2500 mailboxes). We purchased Ontrack Power Controls, and were able to easily and quickly restore all user data from normal online Exchange backups, including a database that the backup application wouldn't restore to disk.

We were able to extract the database files directly from the tape without having to go through the backup software, and the users were back up and running within a day, saving at least two days for the Exchange administrator. This product should be a standard tool in any large Exchange environment. The product is reasonably simple to use, easy to install and configure, and does an excellent job."

George Mizusawa
Nortel Networks

"After another service provider told me they couldn't recover the data, they suggested that [Kroll] Ontrack might have better luck. It proved true and only a few days after [Kroll] Ontrack received the drive, I received 99% of my data."

Jessica Russell
NBC Universal

"While attempting to initiate a re-directed Exchange restore, we inadvertently overwrote a live Exchange server, killing mail functionality for 1,500 users. We engaged Ontrack around noon on Friday and were lucky enough to get in contact with the Remote Date Recovery service. Over the next few days, RDR engaged in an intensive recovery process. We finished up the recovery at midnight on Sunday night, just in time to look like heroes on Monday, and it's all thanks to Ontrack's dedication, and hard work."

Joe T. Reyes
Home User

"Ontrack PowerControls really helped us out! I'm extracting the messages now. This product is really amazing considering that in 3 days, I wasn't able to do the same thing with competitive software. Thanks for the great product!"

Kent Hopson
Lockheed Martin

"I have used Ontrack Data Recovery services on several occasions to recover data from failed hard drives. In every case Ontrack was able to retrieve all of the needed data. I am very pleased with the results and will continue to use Ontrack services with confidence."

Mark Gaston
Home User

"We downloaded and installed your PowerControls software today…I am beyond impressed. Your software does exactly what your advertising says it will do. This product has the potential to save us many, many hours. Thanks again for all your help with this."

Mark Heise, Esq.
Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP

"After this trial, I am completely sold on having [TrialGraphix] in the courtroom with me. I've told anyone who will listen that you definitely want them there."

Martin Cadek
Network Administrator / Systems Engineer, Fraen Corporation

"I couldn't be happier with [Ontrack PowerControls]. It has already saved us tons of time trying to restore old information from ancient tapes and as a bonus we now have a day-to-day, item-level restore feature available for our users. Prior to this we just did not have the resources to restore an entire exchange store only to extract that one lost email."

Melissa Igbineweka
FedEx Services

"You guys saved me from having to recreate everything I'd done -- all my work from Jun thru Dec -- in the first 6 months of our fiscal year, by recovering the file from "bad sectors" on my hard drive. I'm going to owe my nephew forever for referring me to your terrific service!"

Nicholas A. Gravante, Jr., Esq.
Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP

"We set a budget, they stick to it, and their cost is always commensurate with the value we receive. TrialGraphix has been great and historically been the company to which we have first turned for graphics technology support at trial."

Norma Vasquez
Universal Music Group

"Our in-house IT dept. could not get the crashed drive to read and had no other recourse but to send it in to the professionals at Ontrack. Great job Ontrack, and we love the customer service!"

Paul Castanhas
Director of IT, Kushner Companies

"During the first incident our Exchange data store became corrupt and crashed. Unfortunately, all of our recent backups had the same corruption so they were useless. We did a little research and found your PowerControls software. With PowerControls we were able to copy most of the information for the corrupt database to a new one within a few hours. On occasion, we still use the software to pull missing items from the bad database."

Richard Durocher
Filene's / Kaufmann's

"I have used your firm through the course of 8 yrs. I have always been delighted on how quick and how efficient your company has been. Keep up the good work."

Rojelio (Roy) Hernandez
Service Supervisor, Tyco International

"Your company was able to retrieve the data for us at a fraction of the cost to recreate it. The professionalism, courtesy and "the customer is my reason for being" attitude displayed by Ontrack is almost unknown these days. You have a customer for life."

Ronald Jankowski
Ford Motor Company

"All my data was lost. After an unsuccessful recovery attempt by our IT people we decided to give Ontrack Data Recovery a shot. To my delight, they recovered most of my 6 years of data. Great job."

Roy Davidson
Davidson & Company

"We lost a RAID 5 drive on one of our main graphics systems. Because we had no current backup of the work that was on the drives, we were faced with the possibility of losing customer confidence because of tight deadlines. Ontrack was a dream to work with and very responsive to all of my needs. Of the 256 gigs recovered, over 99% were good files. If we had to redo the current work on the drives, our cost would've been upwards of $100,000."

Spencer Andrews
ESI - Network Administrator

"Thank you very much. [Ontrack PowerControls] has indeed fulfilled its promises and saved us MANY hours of headaches. I've been using it to filter and export email from 11 different mailbox store restores, spanning from end of 2005 to Q2 of 2008. Can't even imagine what a hassle it would have been without it. Good stuff!"

Trevor Seemann
IT, Problem Solver, Inc

"This product is a true savior, without it we would have probably spent an entire weekend with Microsoft Engineers attempting to identify why this restored Exchange Server was failing. With it, we saved an immense amount of time and we were still able to enjoy our weekend. On behalf of the IT Problem Solver's technicians, we wish to thank Ontrack for their Data Recovery innovations."

Walter Johnson
Hewlett Packard

"My experience with Ontrack was amazing. I had a fatal hard drive failure and a failed back-up solution. Your organization was able to recover every single file, all 18+GB. Thanks for saving the day!"

John P. Kalivas
Syntiro Networks

"I wanted to say thank you for your immediate handling of my order and licensing today for Ontrack PowerControls. The software worked flawlessly as always! Saved the day with Ontrack PowerControls once again! I was able to use the Extract Wizard to retrieve a crashed Exchange server's EDB files from a "BKF" file created with NT Backup. I was then able to mount the EDB's and export all the mailboxes to PST files and then import up to the new Hosted Exchange Server. It is amazing and rare when things just work like they are supposed to."

James B. Haybyrne
Chairman & CEO, Strategic Thinking Group, Hong Kong

"I just want to compliment you on the outstanding service that I received recently. I have never experienced such a level of customer communication that I have with you guys. Losing data can be disheartening and it is good to get continuous feedback as I was provided. There were up to date e-mails sent to me letting me know exactly the status of my project as well as personal follow-up calls that reassured me that progress was being made. I greatly appreciate the efforts and commented to your staff that it was the best customer service I have ever experienced!"

Deb Travis

"Partnering with Kroll Ontrack allows us to add to our service offering while keeping our pricing competitive. They provide world-class data recovery service. Leveraging Kroll Ontrack, we are able to provide our customers with the same high quality service that we provide in our own facilities. Whether it be an SSD, HDD, RAID system, or Apple Product, in our experience, if Kroll Ontrack cannot recover the data, then it is truly unrecoverable. If we cannot recover the data ourselves, we send it to Kroll Ontrack."