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Beginning as a software company in 1985, Kroll Ontrack has grown quickly and vastly in its short 25-year lifespan. Success in the software industry with the Disk Manager® product led the company to recovering data from damaged hard disk drives and resulted in the formation of Ontrack Data Recovery in 1987. Performing an average of 50,000 data recoveries annually, Kroll Ontrack pioneers many of the tools and techniques used in the data recovery industry.

As the company’s experience and reputation of recovering deleted information from computers developed, requests from law firms and government agencies to do so while, at the same time, keeping a chain-of-custody record increased. This, coupled with fact that electronic documents began to outnumber paper documents and companies needed an effective way to collect, analyze, filter, process and review both electronic and paper documents for litigation, investigations and regulatory requests spawned the birth of the company’s computer forensics and ediscovery businesses. Recognized as the most used electronic discovery provider for eight consecutive years by the Am Law Tech Survey, Kroll Ontrack is a recognized leader in legal technologies and services.

Understanding the value of helping organizations proactively prepare for requests for electronically stored information and prevent data disasters, Kroll Ontrack established its electronically stored information (ESI) consulting practice in 2006. Leveraging our 25 years of experience with the most challenging data incidents, our consultants help clients confidently respond to a broad range of information management challenges including creating and administering document retention and destruction protocols, defensibly safeguarding potentially relevant data and quickly implementing litigation holds and other business requests for ESI. Today, our consulting services in addition to information management software tools for archiving, e-mail management and data destruction assist organizations in both efficient and effective data preparedness and incident response.

In addition to organic product and service growth, the evolution of Kroll Ontrack has also been marked by acquisition of companies such as Ibas and Engenium, as well as an aggressive worldwide expansion strategy. Kroll Ontrack now employs more than 1,100 employees and operates nearly 30 offices in 19 countries worldwide with consulting and software and service solutions in a number of areas including: data recovery, data destruction, electronic discovery, document review.