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Ontrack® PowerControls™ software allows administrators to quickly and easily find, recover and manage content items within a Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server environment such as documents, lists, libraries and folders or entire SharePoint sites.

Recovering SharePoint Content from Human Error

It is very common for business users to accidentally delete data or overwrite previous versions of files. By eliminating the need to restore an entire backup just to recover a few items, Ontrack PowerControls software allows an administrator to locate the items they need and then copy and export those items back into the production environment or to an alternate location. Ontrack PowerControls software streamlines the restoration of SharePoint items and makes the restore process much faster and easier.

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Restore Content in Less Time, for Less Cost

Ontrack PowerControls software gives you a much better option for restoring individual items, lists, libraries and folders. By directly reading your existing content database backups, and allowing you to find and restore only the items or sites you need, Ontrack PowerControls software saves you significant time and eliminates the need for a recovery server.

Eliminate Same-Site Restore Constraints

Ontrack PowerControls software does not limit data restoration to the same or even a duplicate server. Restore items directly to a production server, another SharePoint server or to a file system.

Spend Less Time Searching

IT administrators are often asked to locate and restore SharePoint documents and other types of content that meet certain criteria. These items may be located across multiple data sources, forcing the administrators to fully restore each backup and locate the items they need. Ontrack PowerControls software provides an Advanced Find feature that can search across all content databases in an archived file, rather than bringing an old backup or snapshot back online for analysis.

Access, Search, and Restore Data from Metalogix StoragePoint

Most data managed in SharePoint consists of Binary Large Objects, or BLOBs, which are unstructured content that consumes 80-95 percent of SharePoint storage space. Because native SharePoint SQL storage is very expensive and huge database volumes result in poor performance, organizations leverage RBS (Remote BLOB Store) solutions to externalize BLOB data to cheaper storage, reducing storage costs and increasing performance. Extending the granular search and restoration functionality of Ontrack PowerControls to support Metalogix StoragePoint allows IT administrators to locate and granularly restore externalized SharePoint content with ease and efficiency.

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