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Custom Data Recovery

Backed by a 200+ engineering R&D team and 1,400+ years of combined data recovery experience, Ontrack Data Recovery can recover your data from any type of application, media, file or condition. The custom data recovery services at Kroll Ontrack provide individualized recovery solutions for your unique data storage systems or databases. Our engineering experts have the capability to customize a data recovery or data management solution for you.

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Building upon years of software development expertise and project management, Kroll Ontrack can deliver results when the manufacturer or software vendor no longer supports a data storage product or software.

In some cases, manufacturers or vendors simply do not have the capability, time, or resources to provide recovery assistance for your specific situation. The Ontrack Data Recovery custom data recovery development team can assist you.

Kroll Ontrack is ready to support your organization’s unique and specialized data systems.

Custom Development Solutions

Through its Ontrack Data Recovery development team, Kroll Ontrack provides customized solutions like these:

Example of custom data recovery solutions developed by the Ontrack Data Recovery team

Oracle Recovery

Custom data columns in an 11TB database contained unique data for mobile phone users. The database had over five billion rows of data. Custom development accesses the corrupt database and then extracts all tables and rows to a new database.

Microsoft Exchange Recovery

2TB Exchange Information Store contains internal corruption due to the sheer amount of data present. Custom development overcomes internal corruption and extracts all mailbox and message contents.

Enterprise SAN recovery

SAN storage system loses all meta-data to the files stored on the volume and product support is no longer available due to product being discontinued. Custom development is needed to access the original file system and to extract the original file names, the folder structure, and preserve all of the file’s time and date information.

Virtualized system recovery

Virtual disk files become damaged due to storage system failures. Custom development is required to search through large areas of data to re-assemble multiple virtual disk files based on the contents of the file system.

NAS Snapshot data recovery

Snapshot data for NAS volumes is easily corrupted or only partially listed. A custom solution is designed to find and apply all of the data snapshots in the correct order so that the original data is accessible.

LTO tape media recovery

Software development is required to automate the conversion process of older tape media archives and to create a data conversion tool to process an obsolete archive format into a new LTO archive format.

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