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Encrypted Data Recovery

Trusted by hundreds of organizations to recover encrypted data

Ontrack® Data Recovery engineers have over 25 years of data recovery experience and the industry’s most advanced tools to recover encrypted media and files. Kroll Ontrack engineers also use strict data security protocols to ensure data privacy through all stages of the data recovery process. Your data is secure from the time we receive it until it is returned to you. Kroll Ontrack encrypts your recovered data before returning it to you.

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Kroll Ontrack requires that end users or administrators provide their encryption information (user key, password or pass-phrase) in order to recover encrypted data. Please be prepared to provide this information to your data recovery specialist in order to save time on our recovery.

Recovering from an Encrypted Hard Drive

Recovering from hard disk drives that are encrypted follows the same handling procedures as all other media. The process is outlined in the following high-level steps:

  1. Hard Drive Operation Assessment
  2. Cleanroom Escalation (if necessary): When physical or electronic damage is present
  3. Image drive data
  4. Secure original media
  5. Decryption Process
  6. Create Ontrack Verifile list of recoverable data and send to the customer for approval
  7. Repair file system
  8. Prepare data for delivery
  9. Encryption of data for delivery

More information on Kroll Ontrack’s Data Recovery Process

Ontrack® Data Recovery Revolutionized the Decryption Process

Our new “decryption-on-the-fly” process drastically reduces the time it takes to decrypt a drive and produces better results. This proprietary process scans only the portions of the drive which contain data. We can image more data in a shorter amount of time than the traditional process which significantly reduces our customer’s downtime.

Kroll Ontrack requires a user key, password, pass-phrase, or encryption software key file in order to decrypt the data. Some companies may also utilize a challenge/response methodology for providing the decryption credentials for their environment. Kroll Ontrack engineers will work with the provider of those credentials once we receive your media for recovery.

If providing any login credentials is against an organization’s security policy, there are a few other options for data recovery. Kroll Ontrack is able recover the data through our standard process in its encrypted form on a new piece of media. The data will remain encrypted until you receive it back and it is opened by someone with a key. Since Kroll Ontrack is unable to produce a report of recoverable files, the customer will not know if we succeeded in recovering the critical data until they decrypt it.

Additional Data Recovery Service Options for Encrypted Data

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