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On-Site Data Recovery

If you are unable to connect to us remotely or ship your equipment to one of our 18 state-of-the-art data recovery labs worldwide, let our engineers come to you. One or more of our engineers will apply our recovery applications and techniques used in our in-lab services at your location and work with your team to recover the critical information.

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When to use On-Site Data Recovery Services

On-site services from Kroll Ontrack are the best option for your organization when you have specific data loss circumstances or other conditions which require your data to remain at your site. The following are examples of when on-site service may be required:

  • Strict data management security compliance policy
  • Equipment is too complex to ship or disassemble and rebuild elsewhere
  • Outage requires all third-party vendors to be on-site
  • Data storage must be under constant supervision by IT staff
  • Root cause analysis required for IT operations management
  • Disaster impacts enterprise SAN or enterprise database

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Which option is best for your situation? A free consultation with the Ontrack Data Recovery team of recovery specialists, who have had years of data recovery experience, will assess your data loss situation and help you determine the best and most cost-effective solution, whether it is in-lab, remote, custom or onsite recovery.

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