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Remote Data Recovery Service

Ontrack® Remote Data Recovery™ (RDR®) is a patented, proprietary service that provides the fastest, most convenient, most cost-effective solution for data loss situations where the hardware is still functioning. With RDR, data recovery is performed remotely via a highly-secure connection between your system and Kroll Ontrack.

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Ontrack Remote Data Recovery can be used when:

  • The speed of the recovery is highly critical.
  • There is logical corruption and the hardware is functional.
  • The recovery involves part of an enterprise storage solution where there is a large number of drives.
  • The SAN or environment is still in production and disassembly is not an option. We are able to work on the data loss portion of the larger system.
  • There is highly sensitive data that needs to remain in your secure location. We use a secure, encrypted connection to comply with security and compliance concerns.
  • Investigation is needed to determine the cause of the data loss and create a plan to provide the best data recovery solution.

Remote Data Recovery Advantages

  • RDR provides a cost-effective, secure, fast and convenient service – repairing the data loss and returning the system to the original working condition.
  • Our RDR service is the fastest way to recover your data and saves an average of two days of shipping transit time.
  • Our engineers can start working on your drive as soon as the connection is established.
  • Your hardware and data remain in your secure location.
  • Your original drive is protected with a software ‘write-blocker’ application after the connection is established; therefore, your original data is always preserved.
  • We are prepared for any data loss situation. Custom solutions for unique data loss scenarios can be researched and developed quickly.
  • Work directly with a senior engineer throughout the entire recovery process.

Remote Data Recovery Process

Remote Data Recovery is a two step process:

>> Step 1: Customer hardware setup and client install

>> Step 2: Connection process

Step 1: Set up your hardware and install the RDR client
A Kroll Ontrack engineer will work with you to set up your hardware to begin the Remote Data Recovery process.

Important! Do not allow Check Disk (CHKDSK) or other repair utilities to begin examining the target hard disk drive as these repairs may lead to irretrievable data from the storage media.

Our engineer will then work with you to download and install the Remote Data Recovery connection to the host system and connect the system to the Kroll Ontrack server.

Step 2: The SECURE connection process
The Remote Data Recovery client connects to a secure Kroll Ontrack server using an outgoing TCP/UDP connection, creating a tunnel like point-to-point connection.

Figure 1: The connection between an RDR customer and Kroll Ontrack via secure the Remote Data Recovery internet connection

RDR does not use a third-party hosting site or communication process. The RDR client application allows for a direct connection to the RDR server. The Microsoft® Windows client uses the Microsoft® Crypto® API/ RSA encryption to secure the connection. To provide additional security, the entire HTTP communication protocol is proprietary to Kroll Ontrack.

Remote Data Recovery Capabilities

Ontrack Remote Data Recovery can recover data from the following technology. Click here for a more in-depth list of our data recovery capabilities.

  • All operating systems
  • All backup formats
  • Virtual machines, servers or systems
  • Linux with file systems like EXT3, XFS and many more
  • UNIX with file systems like AIX, SCO, SGI, SUN, VxFS, and many more
  • Novell® NetWare® 3 and above
  • Traditional NetWare and NSS file systems
  • Software RAIDs
  • Hardware RAIDs
  • All database types
  • Microsoft® Exchange Server Information Store database files that have internal corruption, or deleted mailboxes or messages
  • Microsoft® Outlook Personal Store
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) device hard disk drives
  • External hard drives, memory cards, SanDisk, pen drives, or just about any type of storage device
  • Storage Providers

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