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Database Recovery

Through its Ontrack® Data Recovery services, Kroll Ontrack offers world-leading solutions for database recovery, including recovery of Microsoft® SQL Server® databases, restoring Oracle databases, Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server databases and more.

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As a result, our services are trusted by thousands of IT professionals and technology users with inaccessible or lost database files. Additionally, as part of our standard service, we provide an Ontrack® Verifile™ diagnostic report of the recoverable data, allowing you to make an informed decision before purchasing an actual recovery. Once the recovery is authorized, you can use the Ontrack Online Customer Portal to view the status and progress of your job in real time.

Database Recovery Services

Ontrack Data Recovery services offer multiple data recovery service options for database recovery of the following database server platforms:

  • Microsoft SQL Server Database
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Database
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Database
  • Microsoft Visual FoxPro DBF Database
  • Embarcardero Interbase Database
  • Corel Paradox Database
  • SAP Sybase Database
  • Oracle Database
  • MySQL Database
  • FileMaker Database
  • IBM Lotus Notes Database
  • Microsoft BizTalk Database
  • And more...

Causes of Database Data Loss

  • Hardware damage: Database data loss occurs at the storage device level such as hard disk, SAN or RAID
  • File system damage: Controlled by the operating system, the database file system stores and organizes system and user files
  • Individual file damage: File recovery may be needed as data loss can occur within the file itself if the internal structure is corrupt

Information Store/ Database Recovery Process

Inaccessible Files

  • Extract data if storage device is not operational
  • Adjust or repair file system structures to allow access to the database files
  • Recover RAW database fragments and rebuild database files

Corrupt Database Data, Missing Data or Deleted Data

  • Analyze complex internal structure of the database with Ontrack Data Recovery database toolset
  • Report which items are recoverable (tables and rows, mailboxes, etc.), including deleted database data
  • Extract data from the corrupted database / information store and copy out

Through its Ontrack Data Recovery services, Kroll Ontrack provides remote data recovery services as the fastest solution for database recoveries. The remote process will copy the recovered data into a database server that is set up on the client's site.

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