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Flash Drive Recovery

The portability of Flash-based storage solutions has made it a popular choice for anyone using a mobile device, from digital cameras to MP3 players.

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It has also introduced new challenges in data recovery. For more than 20 years, Kroll Ontrack has been analyzing data structures, performing cleanroom recoveries and continuously investing in research and development. Leveraging all of that experience, Ontrack® Data Recovery services can successfully recover data from Flash storage devices. Additionally, as part of our standard service, we provide an Ontrack® Verifile™ diagnostic report of the recoverable data, allowing you to make an informed decision before purchasing an actual recovery. Once the recovery is authorized, you can use the Ontrack Online Customer Portal to view the status and progress of your job in real time.

Growth of Flash Drive Memory Storage

Flash memory storage has become a viable alternative to legacy storage devices, especially in mobile devices, due to a variety of factors:

  • Portability
  • Improved power usage
  • Reduced heat displacement
  • A complete lack of mechanical parts
  • Ease of use

Despite its many benefits, data recovery of Flash memory storage has been on the rise as more and more consumers rely on Flash to store their electronic files. Ontrack Data Recovery products and services help clients understand and manage the challenges associated with Flash drive data recovery. Our in depth industry leading toolkit offers customers a higher success rate and quicker data-retrieval turnaround, while increasing the integrity of the information recovered.

Common Causes of Flash or SSD Data loss

Flash and SSD storage is subject to some of the same causes of data loss as traditional storage devices such as hardware failure, human error, computer viruses, power surges, natural disasters, or software/program corruption.

Challenges in Flash Drive Recovery

The challenges of data recovery from Flash include:

  • Proprietary data organization
  • Address line complexity (microprocessor communication routes)
  • Flash memory chip density (number of flash chip configurations within an array)
  • Implementation of customized wear-leveling algorithms
  • Error correction code variables
  • Encryption and encoding variations