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Specialized Recovery Services

The "perfect storm" of data loss occurs when your safeguards and controls fail, the vendor escalation (storage, backup, or network) yields no results, and you miss your recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO).

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Along the way, as the complex recovery seems hopeless, someone invariably recommends contacting Kroll Ontrack to discuss specialized recovery services.

Ontrack® Data Recovery engineers know how to overcome the difficulties associated with recovering data from complicated, enterprise-level systems. Whether we have a pre-designed or a custom data recovery solution, our innovative experts possess the skill set to think creatively, act quickly and determine a potential solution. Every day we successfully recover data for customers that had previously been deemed unrecoverable.

The Kroll Ontrack dedicated team of 24/7 on-call engineers have industry-leading expertise to develop customized recovery solutions on the fly for even the most complex infrastructures. Whether you're running a high-end enterprise storage environment, trusting your data to the cloud, operating an outdated, legacy proprietary system or
supporting a complicated infrastructure directed to a niche
market, Kroll Ontrack can help.

Our recovery experts write customized recovery solutions designed for your specific needs, and our engineers respond quickly to recover mission critical data, finding solutions to situations no one has ever seen.

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Specialized Recovery Services for Any Situation

Kroll Ontrack designed this service specifically for a data recovery crisis. Although a specialized recovery is tailored to each organization's needs, it typically involves:

  • Consulting with customer's IT team or OEM experts to find solutions
  • Providing a dedicated team of data recovery experts and developers working on your job until the recovered files are delivered to you
  • Discussing the need for a 24/7 emergency-level support option
  • Providing a project structure to your crisis, including a project plan, daily updates, and conference calls
  • Working at the raw data level; below the operating system, file system, or RAID level to repair the actual data corruptions and recover the requested data
  • Creating new technologies or modifying existing technologies to specifically address any unique or one-time data loss scenarios
  • Developing software to locate file fragments and rebuild corrupt files and systems

Secure And Confidential Process

Kroll Ontrack realizes a data crisis is stressful and requires sensitivity and confidentiality. Many global companies, IT service providers, and vendors routinely rely on Kroll Ontrack and our strict security standards to ensure the privacy of their data throughout all of our receiving, handling, recovering and restoring processes. Kroll Ontrack is committed to the strength of our security practices.

Contact Us For Specialized Recovery Services

If restoring from the last backup is not feasible and recreating the data is not an option, contact Kroll Ontrack and mention the need for specialized data recovery services to get the process started.

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