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Virtualization Recovery

Through its Ontrack® Data Recovery services, Kroll Ontrack is uniquely positioned to help recover data from VMware® virtual disk drives and other virtualized systems such as Microsoft® Hyper-V™.

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Ontrack® Data Recovery engineers and developers crafted the technologies necessary to recover files from nearly all types of file systems and have recovered hundreds of VMware virtual machines from various VMware configurations, in locations around the world.

Additionally, as part of our standard service, we provide an Ontrack® Verifile™ diagnostic report of the recoverable data, allowing you to make an informed decision before purchasing an actual recovery. Once the recovery is authorized, you can use the Ontrack Online Customer Portal to view the status and progress of your job in real time.

Common Causes of Data Loss

Virtualization software has enabled organizations to consolidate operating systems and increase productivity for computer hardware, offering significant benefits and cost savings to a rapidly growing list of users. Despite advances in server hardware and storage, data loss is prevalent with any of these types of systems and often more destructive as multiple virtualized systems are affected by the loss of a single physical server or storage device. The most common causes of virtualized data loss include:

  • File system corruption
  • Deleted virtual machines
  • Internal virtual disk corruption
  • RAID and other storage/server hardware failures
  • Deleted or corrupt files contained within virtualized storage systems

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Ontrack Data Recovery experts can perform VMware data recovery as well as successfully recover data from nearly any virtual machine, server or system; including:

  • Virtual infrastructure: VMware Infrastructure 2 and 3, VMware vSphere 4, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Virtual servers: VMware Server, VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Virtual file systems: VMFS, NTFS, FAT, EXT3, MAC, etc.
  • Virtual workstations: VMware Workstation (all versions), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtualization brings an extra layer of complexity to a host system and when data loss occurs within a virtual machine, it is critical to select a data recovery provider experienced in VMware recovery or other virtualized systems. By utilizing the industry’s largest team of data recovery engineers and an unmatched suite of custom data recovery tools, your virtualized data loss situation can be evaluated and initiated in a matter of hours via our in-lab, on-site or remote data recovery services.

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