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It's time for ediscovery to transform.

Efficient management of electronically stored information (ESI) is integral to a successful litigation, regulatory inquiry or investigation.


Increasingly complex legal requirements and growing volumes of ESI have made the ediscovery process more daunting and expensive than ever before. The proper handling of data, from identification through production, greatly decreases the costs of discovery and improves overall data collection, data analysis and data processing.

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Take Control of Your Discovery

Kroll Ontrack empowers you to manage your ediscovery with confidence. When you work with Kroll Ontrack, you benefit from our technical strength, professional case management, document management and unparalleled expert ediscovery consulting services through each stage of the discovery process. We offer scalable technologies, strategic consulting services, technical application specialists and dedicated case management to control your workload and reduce costs. From the initial identification and collection of potentially relevant data located anywhere in the world to the final production of your responsive documents, Kroll Ontrack serves as an extension of your litigation support team to achieve your business objectives and comply with legal requirements for ESI.

Ediscovery Consulting

A dedicated case manager works with you during the various steps of the discovery process. Seasoned legal and technical expert consultants draw upon their extensive experience and deep institutional knowledge to deliver high quality, reliable services and customized solutions.

Data Identification, Data Preservation & Data Collection

The duty to preserve and collect data that may be discoverable once litigation is reasonably anticipated is well established. Kroll Ontrack has the technology and ediscovery experts to swiftly preserve and collect data in a cost-effective, defensible manner.

Data Analysis & Early Data Assessment

Through innovative technologies – such as the powerful EDA platform Ontrack® Advanceview™ – and experienced consulting, Kroll Ontrack empowers organizations to achieve significant cost control and realize strategic litigation insights by providing a window into case data prior to data processing and document review.

Data Processing & Document Review

Kroll Ontrack processes and integrates your electronic and audio data at greater speed, volume and accuracy than any other provider. We offer the most advanced document scanning and data filtering technology, efficiently reducing the universe of potentially relevant data and significantly reducing document review time and dollars.

Online Review & Production

Leverage the industry’s most robust online document review platform, Ontrack® Inviewnow featuring automated workflow review functionality and Intelligent Review Technology (IRT) – and the expertise and efficiencies of our document review managed services to ensure efficient, defensible and cost-effective document review.

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