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Analysis & Early Data Assessment

Whether you call it Early Case Assessment (ECA) or Early Data Assessment (EDA), industry experts recognize that early evaluation significantly reduces discovery and review costs by providing a window into case data prior to data processing and document review.

Leverage Kroll Ontrack consultants and the Ontrack® AdvanceviewTM technology to gain case insight early on and significantly reduce your data volume for review.
  • Early Data Assessment Technology: Ontrack Advanceview is the most advanced EDA application in the industry, providing your legal team with a full array of cutting-edge tools that enable you to better understand your data
  • Early Data Assessment Consulting: Kroll Ontrack Consultants employ proven methodologies to help you understand your data and defensibly cut the volume of data that must be processed and reviewed

Download Early Case Assessment and Analytics Tool Drives Down Discovery Time & Costs

Comprehend your data early on through analytic technology that identifies key custodians, data locations and third parties. Accelerate your review with Ontrack Advanceview features including topic grouping, near-duplication, e-mail threading, advanced visualization and data dictionary. Reduce your document set by narrowing your data to only the most relevant documents – exponential volumes of patently irrelevant data, such as company picnic notices, can be quickly discarded from the universe of potentially relevant data.

Streamline ediscovery, slash review costs and increase your likelihood of a successful outcome – embrace cutting-edge early data assessment.

Analysis and Early Data Assessment - reduce data volume for review. Kroll Ontrack offers industry experts for Early Case Assessment (ECA) and Early Data Assessment (EDA). Leverage Kroll Ontrack expert consultants and Ontrack Advanceview early case assessment technology to gain case insight early on and significantly reduce your data volume for review. early case assessment, early data assessment, EDA, ECA, early case assessment analysis, near-duplication, e-mail threading, advanced visualization, data dictionary, Early Data Assessment Technology, EDA consulting