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Early Data Assessment Consulting

A comprehensive approach to early data assessment requires the right people, processes and technologies.

No matter the terminology – Early Case Assessment (ECA) or Early Data Assessment (EDA) – let Kroll Ontrack consultants assist you in developing and implementing custom strategies and technologies to achieve your legal, investigatory and regulatory objectives.

Bridge the Gap Between EDA Technology & Strategy

Kroll Ontrack seasoned consultants assist in developing a customized approach to early data assessment tailored to the needs of your investigation, litigation or regulatory matter. Some of the solutions and methods our consultants employ include:

  • Defensibly Selecting a Representative Data Set: Identify and confirm critical data filtering terms; our consultants are familiar with the proper size and diversity of source data to ensure that a representative data set holds up under scrutiny
  • Developing Search Strategies: Select the most effective search methodology (e.g., concept vs. keyword searching) and the best search terms to effectively and defensibly identify what time frames, individuals and subject matters are the most relevant
  • Testing & Validating Data: Run queries and repeatedly test, analyze, sample and validate data by measuring and analyzing its response to various key terms

Kroll Ontrack consultants have a wealth of legal, technical and industry expertise, making them uniquely qualified to craft early data assessment strategies for your particular needs while following early data assessment best practices. Our consultants bridge the gap between strategy and technology.


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Early Data Assessment Consulting - developing ECA strategies for your needs Let Kroll Ontrack ECA consultants assist you in developing and implementing custom early case assessment strategies and technologies to achieve your legal, investigatory and regulatory objectives. early case assessment consulting, eca consulting, early data assessment, eca strategies, search strategies, eca technology