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Identification, Preservation & Collection

Locate, preserve and collect data with software and services from Kroll Ontrack.

Whether you are looking for collection software to power your in-house ediscovery protocols or a collection expert that can travel to a remote, worldwide location to preserve data, Kroll Ontrack offers software and services on the left side of the EDRM.

Identify & Preserve Data with Confidence

Locating and preserving data presents a myriad of challenges, including searching through volumes of information to locate the potentially relevant, safeguarding it for future use, and avoiding inadvertent evidence spoliation. Further complicating this quandary, electronic evidence is fragile – prone to inadvertent data erasure, destruction and tampering. Kroll Ontrack offers Ontrack® PowerControlssoftware which helps administrators search, recover, restore and export data efficiently in either Microsoft® Exchange Server or Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server environments. This software is a forensically sound email and content management tool that allows IT to confidently manage these critical requests.

In addition, Kroll Ontrack data collection consultants are well versed in data identification and data preservation best practices, and are able to avoid the unique spoliation hazards particular to electronic evidence.

You need significant planning and the right equipment and training to ensure your data identification and preservation methodology is defensible. Kroll Ontrack offers Electronically Stored Information (ESI) data collection experts and proven Ontrack PowerControls technology to comprehensively and cost-effectively preserve potentially relevant ESI.

Experience Cost-Cutting Data Collection – Around the World

Whether your collection needs are small or large, straight forward or complex, Ontrack PowerControls is a powerful tool to have in-house or in-firm.  If your needs are greater, Kroll Ontrack collection experts can adeptly handle your data anywhere around the globe while adhering to strict chain-of-custody best practices. Our proven methodologies strengthen the reliability and ensure the authenticity of your data. Further, with more global data collection experience than any other legal technology provider, Kroll Ontrack finds the most efficient and cost-effective strategies for identifying and gathering electronic data onsite at your location or around the world.

Locate and safeguard your valuable informational assets by trusting the name you know – Kroll Ontrack.

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