Data Identification

Kroll Ontrack consultants aid you in identifying potentially relevant data that must be preserved for litigation, investigation or regulatory inquiry.

Leverage Custodian Interviews to Locate Your Data

Custodian interviews are an integral first step in uncovering potentially relevant data, as custodians often hold the "keys to the kingdom." A custodian may choose to store data in a myriad of locations, including non-company equipment such as a personal computer, mobile device or the cloud. Kroll Ontrack Discovery Consultants develop custodian questionnaires to assess, inventory and record the many sources of potentially relevant information.

Data Maps and Inventories:  Guide Your Data Identification Efforts

Knowing where your data lives is critical to meet legal requirements and maintain business continuity. Kroll Ontrack experts inventory your organization's applications and Electronically Stored Information (ESI) sources, and create a visual ESI data map to be used by the legal and IT departments to identify the location of potentially relevant data. The application inventory takes account of existing systems and applications, as well as any legacy systems or externally hosted sources of ESI.

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