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Review & Production

The hallmark of an effective document review is the ability to review documents efficiently, protect privileged data, and meet production requirements on time and on budget.

Reduce money spent on document review by leveraging our award-winning document review technology, Ontrack® InviewTM, and our managed review services.

Save Time & Money through Process & Technology Efficiencies

Kroll Ontrack offers a full complement of technologies and services to promote review and production efficiencies. 

  • Online Review Technology: Ontrack Inview document review application integrates advanced searching, categorizing, redacting, annotating, multilingual capabilities, advanced visualizations, real-time reporting, quality control functionality and more in one easy-to-use interface
  • Intelligent Review Technology (IRT): Ontrack Inview embraces automated workflow functionality that automates manual distribution and check-in of documents; intelligent prioritization (iP) that elevates documents most likely relevant to the case based on its analysis of review categorizations made by human reviewers; and intelligent categorization (iC) that recommends categories of likely relevant documents not yet reviewed by a human
  • Managed Document Review Services: Our highly qualified document review team is comprised of licensed attorneys and is available to conduct your document review in any of our secure, fully-equipped facilities located across the U.S., or in international locations through our global staffing partners

Document Review Process: Efficiencies from Review to Production

Document review is the most time intensive, variable and expensive stage of the discovery process – from collection through review and production, you benefit from working with one industry-leading service provider, one set of tools, one case manager and one contract.


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