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Intelligent Review Technology

The Kroll Ontrack predictive coding technology

No matter what you call it – technology-assisted review (TAR), predictive coding, or intelligent review technology (IRT) – Kroll Ontrack can help you drive document review efficiencies with smart, cutting-edge technology in Ontrack® Inview™.

IRT features include:

  • Workflow: Minimizes human work and inconsistencies in the staging, distribution, routing, assessment and quality control of the review process
  • Prioritization: Learns what documents are most likely to be relevant to the case by analyzing human reviewer categorization decisions and elevating those documents for first review
  • Categorization: Recommends categories of likely relevant documents not yet reviewed by a human
  • Statistical Quality Control & Sampling: Monitors the progress and effectiveness of prioritization and review, enabling you to make defensible decisions regarding when to cease review

Amplify the power of your best human reviewers with a fully-featured predictive coding platform capable of increased processing speed, consistency and accuracy.


What users have to say about technology-assisted review by Kroll Ontrack.

Intelligent Review Technology - augments the human-intensive aspects of the document review process Ontrack® Inview™ document review technology offers industry-leading Intelligent Review Technology (IRT), which delivers the discerning analytics of a human review team in an automated platform capable of increased processing speed, consistency & accuracy. intelligent review technology, irt, Intelligent Prioritization, Intelligent Categorization, document review technology, workflow automation