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Content Management for SharePoint

Fully restoring a Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server site from a previous backup or from a snapshot can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Ontrack PowerControls allows administrators to quickly and easily search and restore SharePoint content – such as documents, lists, libraries and folders – or entire SharePoint sites.

Reduce Risks and Keep Your Backup Processes Intact

Ontrack PowerControls runs on a Windows®-based workstation, does not install on your SharePoint server, and requires no complicated pre-installation configurations of SharePoint or SQL Server. Keep your backup process and your SharePoint environment exactly the way it is today.

Restore Content in Less Time, for Less Cost

Rather than restore an entire backup in order to recover a few items, Ontrack PowerControls makes it easier for you to quickly locate the items you need and copy and export those items back into the production environment or to an alternate location, eliminating same-site restore constraints. By directly reading your existing content database backups, and allowing you to find and restore only the items or sites you need, Ontrack PowerControls saves you significant time and eliminates the need for a recovery server.

Spend Less Time Searching

IT administrators are often asked to locate and restore documents that meet certain criteria. These items may be located across multiple data sources, forcing them to fully restore each backup and locate the items they need. With the Advanced Search Agent for SharePoint, administrators can search across multiple content databases in an archived file rather than retrieving an old backup or snapshot for analysis. In addition, this agent gives administrators the ability to search within in the contents of documents and attachments.

Maintain Data Integrity During a SharePoint Recovery

When requests for SharePoint data restoration arise, it can be critical to keep the metadata (original author, time/date created, time/date last modified, etc.), of restored items intact. It is imperative to understand and comply with the regulations and expectations pertaining to exporting documents for litigation or ediscovery versus simply restoring those items for internal business purposes. Ontrack PowerControls software does not change the metadata of the SharePoint source or target and maintains data integrity by performing read-only operations on the source files throughout the restoration process.

Access, Search, and Restore Data from RBS

Most data managed in SharePoint consists of Binary Large Objects, or BLOBs, which are unstructured content that consumes 80-95 percent of SharePoint storage space. Because native SharePoint SQL storage is very expensive and huge database volumes result in poor performance, organizations leverage RBS (Remote BLOB Store) solutions to externalize BLOB data to cheaper storage, reducing storage costs and increasing performance. Users can extend the granular search and restoration functionality with the optional RBS Agent for SharePoint to restore externalized SharePoint content from Metalogix StoragePoint, StorSimple SharePoint Database Optimizer, and FILESTREAM. This enables IT administrators to locate and granularly restore externalized SharePoint content to the live SharePoint server or another file system.

Supports SharePoint 2013 Shredded Storage Restoration

Shredded Storage refers to the data platform improvement in SharePoint 2013 that focuses on the management of documents. Shredding reduces the amount of data passed across a network and improves performance. By storing the incremental changes made to a document, rather than saving an entire copy of the document each time it is edited and saved, shredding can also reduce storage on the SQL Server side. Ontrack PowerControls is one of the only tools on the market that can search, reassemble, and restore SharePoint 2013 Shredded Storage.