Content Restoration

Restoring a SharePoint site from a previous backup or from a snapshot can be time-consuming and expensive.

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Ontrack® PowerControls software makes the process more efficient by allowing you to restore individual items, lists, libraries and folders, cutting restoration times by 50% compared to native tools. Additionally, Ontrack PowerControls is one of the only tools on the market that can reassemble Shredded Storage, allowing you to access, search, and restore critical files that may have otherwise been inaccessible.

Ontrack PowerControls technology saves you significant time, eliminates the need for a recovery server and allows you to find and restore only the items you need. Ontrack PowerControls ExtractWizard reads database backups and restores a SharePoint MDF from tape.

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Eliminate Same-Site Restore Constraints

Ontrack PowerControls software does not limit the restoration of data to the same or even a duplicate server. Restore items directly to a production server, another SharePoint server or to a file system. This removes the need for an expensive recovery server and the extra steps required to separately import sites back into a SharePoint server.

Maintain Data Integrity

When legal, investigations or data compliance requests for content stored on SharePoint servers arise, it can be critical to keep the content and the metadata (original author, time/date created, time/date last modified, etc.), of restored items intact. It is imperative to understand and comply with the regulations and expectations pertaining to exporting documents for litigation or ediscovery versus simply restoring those items for internal business purposes. Ontrack PowerControls software does not change the metadata of the SharePoint source or target and maintains data integrity by performing read-only operations on the source files throughout the restoration process.

Restore Data from Metalogix StoragePoint

Extending the restoration functionality of Ontrack PowerControls to support Metalogix StoragePoint allows IT administrators to locate and granularly restore externalized SharePoint content back to the live SharePoint Server, or to another server or file system, with ease and efficiency.

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