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Custom Tape Services

Kroll Ontrack provides a range of tape services and undertakes all types of custom tape projects. These are driven by many factors, including the need to:

  • Recover and produce information on tapes to respond to time-critical regulatory requirements
  • Save costs on archiving and backup technology
  • Minimize potential risk, for example, by ensuring that legacy data is accessible

Common tape scenarios

Kroll Ontrack helps organizations comply with demands, meet deadlines, minimize risk and save money in the following typical scenarios:

  • Time-critical backup tape restorations, often in response to the need to produce information from Microsoft® Exchange® or other tape archives in legal proceedings or in response to demands from regulators
  • Cost-saving when it comes to data retention on legacy backup tape formats by formulating a custom restoration solution so businesses can let their expensive legacy software subscriptions lapse
  • Data migration from a range of different archive technologies to a new or consistent archive backup format
  • Auditing, indexing and cataloging backup tapes which are sometimes unmarked or unlabeled to businesses are compliant with data storage requirements
  • Physical data recovery and extraction of data from tape media which has suffered from physical or logical damage
  • Forensic recovery of data stored on tapes in a way that complies with the strictest rules of evidence handling

A heritage in custom tape services

Kroll Ontrack encounters many tape service projects. These scenarios reflect our ability to deliver custom tape services and solutions which are cost effective and meet clients' requirements.

Call Kroll Ontrack today to discuss your custom tape service project.

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