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Tape Archive Migration

When migrating and/or consolidating your backup and archive data from a legacy system to a new archive system, Kroll Ontrack can help to make these projects stress-free.

Migration to a new archive system

The backup and archive systems implemented by organizations in past decades can be very costly to maintain, and difficult to quickly access data from when required. It makes sense to consolidate and migrate legacy archive data into the modern archive system that you are currently using, especially if you anticipate the need to access tape data often.

Kroll Ontrack is an expert at data migration, consolidation and manipulation, and has performed similar projects for many FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies globally.

Migration to minimize the cost of tape restores

A legacy data migration project may be required if your business anticipates a large volume of archive tape restores in the near future, such as for a merger due diligence or upcoming legal proceedings. In such cases having the archived data stored on a SAN or other storage mechanism can greatly speed-up the processing and searching of data and reduce costs.

You can gain rapid, yet cost effective access to your archived data by utilizing Kroll Ontrack. If you then require legal or forensic assistance Kroll Ontrack can assist with these needs.

Bit-by-bit data conversion

As part of a tape archive migration project, Kroll Ontrack can perform media type conversions in order to consolidate your archives onto one platform. This can include:

  • Accurate bit-for-bit copy of the source data, supplied back to you in an appropriate media format for re-importation.
  • Catalog and indexing report for future data mapping.
  • Recovery of previously inaccessible data.
  • Development, as required, of software and custom tools for the safe and efficient retrieval of archived data.

Kroll Ontrack is equipped with the skills, knowledge and technology to convert your archive media safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. Additional services are also available, including the migration of backup systems such as ARCserve, NetBackup, Backup Exec, Microsoft Backup, Backup Express, Retrospect, CommVault, Tapeware, cpio, tar, Data Protector, Tivoli, Dump,UltracBac, Legato and others.

Archive migration process
When undertaking a tape archive migration and consolidation project, Kroll Ontrack use established processes and a project-based approach. A successful consolidation project will generally begin with the following steps, however, based on your requirements these steps willevolve into a unique solution for your business:

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