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Ontrack® PowerControls software allows you to set precise search criteria and run detailed queries across multiple data sources, selecting any combination of mailboxes or folders to search.

Many Exchange administrators use Ontrack PowerControls to:
  • Meet regulatory, compliance or legal requirements for email retention
  • Collect specific data as part of a litigation or regulatory request
  • Monitor internal compliance with corporate policies
  • Locate pertinent information for internal or external investigations
  • Analyze Exchange usage over a specific time period
  • Search and export content from a live Exchange environment

Whether you need to find one specific email message or to research an entire conversation, Ontrack PowerControls has the email search capabilities to meet a variety of needs.

Search Emails Efficiently

When searching for email messages, folders, mailboxes or attachments, Ontrack PowerControls allows administrators to define search criteria and run searches across multiple mailboxes or EDB files. Our technology extracts only those items that fit the exact search parameters, saving you time and eliminating the need to restore an entire backup. Search for specific messages using criteria such as Message Author or Recipient, Subject, Date, Keyword(s), or Attachment(s).

Ontrack PowerControls users can also use optional features to enhance their product’s email search and analysis capabilities.

Organize Email Messages

Ontrack PowerControls provides a view into all instances of a given message or attachment within the same database and messages related by conversation. Using the flexible Message Views tool, Ontrack PowerControls technology lets administrators arrange messages with three unique views.

  • Conversation View: Displays a histogram of all replies or forwards associated with a given message to analyze the conversation thread
  • Message Table View: Shows all folders that reference a single message
  • Attachment Table View: Displays all messages that reference a single attachment

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