Migration & Consolidation

Migrating and consolidating email within Exchange Server environments or changing the configuration of network architecture can consume expensive resources.

Ontrack® PowerControls software can help you save time, money and significant headaches by slashing email restoration times and eliminating the burden of brick-level backups.

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Exchange Mailbox Migration

As an Exchange server is taken out of service, Ontrack PowerControls Mailbox Creation Wizard can fully automate the copying of mailbox data contained in an un-mounted Exchange Database (EDB) file to a different Exchange server on the network. Our software allows the complete merger of all mailboxes into a single information store, without having to bring the old server online into the new network configuration. IT administrators can also copy an offline mailbox to a new server to assist with the Exchange migration. Ontrack PowerControls software eliminates the need for old and new servers to be online while data is migrated.

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Exchange Server Consolidation

Server consolidation presents an opportunity to save time and resources by reducing the number of servers and volume of data stored on these servers. Use Ontrack PowerControls software to streamline your consolidation process and eliminating the need for additional hardware, legacy systems and resources to manage the process. All you need is Ontrack PowerControls software, a Windows-based workstation, and the offline database.

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