Storage Management

Storing email exclusively on servers puts storage space at a premium. Many companies are setting mailbox size limits and forcing employees to delete critical email that must later be restored. By facilitating easy access to backups and legacy archives, Ontrack PowerControls reduces email management issues.

Email Storage Challenges

Ontrack PowerControls was developed specifically to address and alleviate email storage management problems, and satisfy the demand for increased searching capabilities. While storing email on a server and setting mailbox size limits may solve the storage management needs of IT, it creates a conflict with the business needs of employees, thereby creating additional demand for restoring messages from backup. Ontrack PowerControls is storage agnostic and eliminates these issues, making searching email a much easier process regardless of volume or backup software.

Email Storage Management: Situation Example

An employee unintentionally deletes a string of messages that is now needed to complete an important project. The messages were on one Exchange server, but stored in multiple Exchange database backup files (EDBs). To find every needed message, the Exchange IT administrator needs to perform individual searches through each EDB backup, a very time-intensive task. Using the content analysis capabilities of Ontrack PowerControls, the administrator can instead create a single Content Analysis Store containing the multiple EDBs. This saves a great deal of time and allows the user to recover deleted emails more efficiently.

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