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Corporate Support Program

Kroll Ontrack, through its Ontrack® Data Recovery services, offers data recovery support to corporations of all sizes.

This simple, efficient and low-maintenance support program provides organizations with data recovery business tools at a corporate discount. The program is free of charge, with no contracts or minimum quotas, allowing your organization to effortlessly manage its data recovery needs.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Reduce costly downtime associated with data loss
  • Increase business continuity and minimize data loss risks
  • Expedite data recovery help requests
  • Streamline data disaster business processes and procedures
  • Educate colleagues on solutions for data loss
  • Generate internal awareness of your corporate benefits

What Kroll Ontrack Offers

  • Corporate discounts on data recovery services
  • 24/7/365 access to data recovery specialists, engineers and customer support. We are dedicated to providing professional, efficient and multilingual service throughout the entire data recovery process
  • Access to our exclusive Corporate Support Center, with online tools to facilitate fast and effective data recovery solutions, information about data protection, tips, advice, FAQs, newsletters and other educational materials
  • World class data recovery from the industry-leader - from complex RAID server configurations to proprietary databases, Ontrack Data Recovery services offer proprietary tools and skilled expertise to recover data from any data loss situation or storage environment
  • Priority service and corporate discounts granted to all of your office locations
  • Guaranteed confidentiality! We are authorized to handle highly sensitive data and adhere to US government protocols for maximum data security
  • Custom recovery solutions for data recoveries from any storage environment or media type. Every year Ontrack Data Recovery experts perform a large number of custom data recovery jobs where the file type, database or storage system may be proprietary to the customer’s organization
  • Free newsletter with the latest trends in data protection, data recovery technology, expert advice, news and information

Enroll your company in the corporate support program provided through Ontrack Data Recovery services to take advantage of the leading data recovery services and solutions at a discount.

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