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Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program

Kroll Ontrack, through its Ontrack PowerControls software solution, provides managed service providers (MSP’s) with a means to increase revenue and service delivery options, accelerate new client acquisition and enhance customer retention through the leading granular recovery and restoration platform.

The Power of Ontrack PowerControls

Ontrack PowerControls is the leading solution for restoring individual items, lists, libraries and folders within Microsoft® Exchange and Microsoft® SharePoint® Server environments, and can cut restoration times by more than 50%! It works directly with current backups and allows administrators to extract and restore only the items that are needed, providing an easier and less expensive process than maintaining a recovery server. Additionally, Ontrack PowerControls is forensically sound. It performs read-only operations on the source files, preserving the Exchange or SharePoint metadata for ediscovery collections or compliance requests. Find out more about the benefits of Ontrack PowerControls software.

MSP Program Benefits

Expand Service Delivery Offerings
MSP’s leverage this program to dramatically expand their Managed, Storage, Backup and Disaster Recovery offerings with a robust data management solution and include Ontrack PowerControls as a turn-key option for disaster recovery.

Meet Customer Needs
Your customers benefit from the ability to search, collect, and restore granular items or entire databases without the assistance of Exchange and SharePoint servers, reducing overall costs and increasing IT efficiencies. Moreover, MSP’s increase customer retention by providing a solution that reduces the cost and amount of downtime in the event of customer data loss.

Increase Revenue
The centrally managed and rapidly deployed Ontrack PowerControls solution creates a new revenue opportunity for your business. And because it can be leveraged on a monthly subscription basis, the MSP Program minimizes cash flow fluctuations and reduces revenue burdens for your organization.

Exclusive Partner Resources
We make it easy to get the most out of your new service offering with instant access to an exclusive portal filled with educational tools and marketing resources. MSP’s enjoy this one-stop partner center to access information that assists in educating sales teams and new client acquisition.

Granular Recovery as a Subscription

The MSP Program offers an attractive subscription-based pricing opportunity that can add value to current MSP service offerings, including no up-front fees and a multi-tier pricing structure that allows for the highest level of flexibility. MSP’s deploy the leading granular recovery and restoration solution on a monthly or annual basis to customers who manage their own backup data recovery (BDR) processes on-site.

Granular Recovery as a Service

Exchange and SharePoint are two of the fasting growing hosted email and content management applications, however nearly half of the organizations we surveyed experienced data loss from these applications in the past year, with 59% reporting that it took over half of a business day to recover from that loss. MSP’s can reduce overall customer expenses by offering the leading granular recovery and restoration solution to customers that opt to have them host their BDR processes hosted, with a term or commercial license that can be configured for capacity and duration to match your environment.

The Bottom Line

Organizations are increasingly turning to MSP’s to reduce overall expenses and improve IT support, however they continually face several challenges, such as significant upfront costs, service investment plans and the development of customer service programs. For MSP’s that are interested in protecting their customers’ critical systems, this program offers a scalable solution that allows them to provide a managed solution without the prepayment challenges that can come with purchasing traditional software licenses. Our solutions package easily with your existing offerings, allowing you to add value, increase revenue and enhance competitive differentiation.

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Managed Service Provider Program | Ontrack PowerControls Software | Kroll Ontrack Kroll Ontrack provides managed service providers (MSP’s) with a means to increase revenue and service delivery options through its Ontrack PowerControls software.