OEM Partner Program

As a world leader in innovative data management solutions, Kroll Ontrack offers an OEM partner program designed to provide organizations with a the ability to completely re-brand the leading granular search and restoration software – Ontrack PowerControls.

OEM partners benefit by increasing their branded offerings or complementing existing products, while achieving a significant competitive advantage. They also leverage generous partner discounts and generate significant revenue by meeting customer demand for granular recovery and restoration.

The Power of Ontrack PowerControls

Ontrack PowerControls is the leading solution for restoring individual items, lists, libraries and folders within Microsoft® Exchange and Microsoft® SharePoint® Server environments, and can cut restoration times by more than 50%! It works directly with current backups and allows administrators to extract and restore only the items that are needed, providing an easier and less expensive process than maintaining a recovery server. Find out more about the benefits of Ontrack PowerControls software.

OEM Program Benefits

Seamless Brand Integration
We provide OEM partners with an unmatched solution they can promote as their own by fully embedding the Ontrack PowerControls technology into their software or hardware products. Moreover, OEM partners have access to a wide variety of sales and marketing resources to grow their business, including white papers, data sheets, training materials and more.

Leading technology corporations have incorporated Ontrack PowerControls into solutions that provide:

  • Storage device and computer hardware bundling
  • IT consulting services
  • Relicensed products
  • Bundled software and services

Enhance Your Competitive Advantages
Better align your organization with the competition by supplying the industry-leading granular recovery and restoration technology. OEM partners benefit from offering a powerful differentiator from other backup and recovery providers by offering a tool that gives their customers the ability to search, collect, and restore granular items or entire databases without the assistance of Exchange and SharePoint servers.

Significantly Increase Revenue and Meet Customer Demand
Simply put, OEM partners increase revenue by providing a fundamentally better way for their customers to search and restore granular items or databases. By reducing overall costs and increasing IT efficiencies, OEM partners boost customer loyalty and drive sales from end users that value efficiency, flexibility and cost savings.

Generous Partner Discounts
We provide the highest partner discounts available to our OEM partners, based on the volume of business conducted. License models, product features, maintenance and commitment levels are custom to fit the needs of our OEM partners who also benefit from a reduction in support, returned merchandising authorization (RMA) and manufacturing costs.

The Bottom Line

The Kroll Ontrack OEM Partner Program provides powerful tools that can help your organization achieve a significant competitive advantage, increase or enhance your current solution offerings and drive revenue. OEM partners access the leading technology for granular recovery and restoration with the ability to brand it as their own product, resulting in unmatched flexibility and tremendous cost-savings.

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OEM Partner Program | Ontrack PowerControls Software | Kroll Ontrack Kroll Ontrack offers an OEM partner program that provide organizations with the ability to re-brand the leading granular recovery and restoration technology. Click here to learn more.