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Reseller/Distributor Partner Program

As a leading innovator in the data management industry, Kroll Ontrack offers a unique program through its Ontrack PowerControls software solution, designed to provide discounts and frequent-user privileges to resellers and distributors that can benefit from enhancing their revenue and portfolio offerings, while meeting customer demand.

The Power of Ontrack PowerControls Software

Ontrack PowerControls is the leading solution for restoring individual items, lists, libraries and folders within Microsoft® Exchange and Microsoft® SharePoint® Server environments, and can cut restoration times by more than 50%! It works directly with current backups and allows administrators to extract and restore only the items that are needed, providing an easier and less expensive process than maintaining a recovery server. Find out more about the benefits of Ontrack PowerControls.

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Reseller/Distributor Program Benefits

Significantly Extend Portfolio Offerings

Our reseller and distributor partners build a stronger customer base by saving them valuable time and money with a product that ensures the retrieval of their infrastructures and databases in the event of data loss. Resellers and distributors dramatically expand their portfolio with a robust data management solution that allows customers to search, recover and restore granular items or entire databases without the assistance of Exchange or SharePoint.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Better align your organization with the competition and boost customer loyalty by supplying the industry-leading granular recovery and restoration tool. Resellers and distributors benefit from offering a powerful differentiator from other backup and recovery providers, and meet customer needs by saving them over 50% of restoration time when compared to using other conventional methods.

Increase Revenue

By reselling or distributing Ontrack PowerControls software, our partners benefit from innovative technology to continue growing their organizations. Resellers and distributors receive generous partner discounts with licensing options tailored to their needs, making it a perfect solution for those who want to resell on a project-by-project basis or to larger clients who manage their own systems on-premise.

Exclusive Resource Center

Get instant access to all of tools and resources you’ll need to manage, market and grow your data management business. Resellers and distributors benefit from an exclusive partner center filled with educational white papers, podcasts, user guides, and more to assist in educating sales teams and attracting new customers.

The Bottom Line

Resellers and distributors leverage the Ontrack PowerControls software suite to provide a fundamentally better way for their customers to granularly search and restore items or entire databases, reducing the cost and amount of downtime in the event of data loss. They expand their portfolio offerings to better align their organizations with the competition and increase revenue by meeting customer demand.

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    As a reseller, you have the ability to leverage the Ontrack PowerControls software suite as well as access the world’s leading innovator in the data recovery industry, Ontrack® Data Recovery services.

    With nearly 200 engineers worldwide and more than 1,400 years of combined data recovery experience, Ontrack Data Recovery services can offer your customers additional value and add another revenue stream to your organization.

    Find out more or call 800.872.2599.

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Reseller/Distributor Partner Program | Ontrack PowerControls Software | Kroll Ontrack Kroll Ontrack offers a unique partner program designed to provide discounts and frequent-user privileges to resellers and distributors. Click here to learn more.