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Kroll Ontrack Case Studies

Ediscovery Case Studies

City of Phoenix Leverages Kroll Ontrack and its Flexible Service Model to Manage Unique Ediscovery Challenge

In response to a multi-million dollar claim filed against the City of Phoenix, the City Attorney’s Office set out to conduct a litigation hold and collect data at the City’s Departments of Police, Fire, and Aviation, as well as the City Manager’s Office. However, given the unique challenge that governmentally-protected Sensitive Security Information (SSI) was located on the same servers as data relevant to this case, the City sought a service provider able to create a well-engineered and customized ediscovery solution. Learn how Kroll Ontrack helped reduce time and cost required to access the data and documents for the case.

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Corporation Leverages One Online Review Tool to Effectively Manage Vast Amounts of ESI in Varying Matters

A corporate client and its outside counsel contacted Kroll Ontrack for assistance on a large complex securities investigation and several corresponding cases. The corporation knew that thousands of custodians would be involved in these matters and the size of the data set would grow to several terabytes. As such, they were looking for a service provider that could handle this sizable project and collaborate with the corporation and outside counsel on the most successful and cost-effective strategy for navigating these cases. Learn how Kroll Ontrack helped their client to legally, accurately and cost-effectively manage large volumes of data for discovery.

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Early Data Assessment and Analytics Tool Drives Down Discovery Time and Costs

A Top 200 law firm engaged Kroll Ontrack for a Fortune 100 corporation client matter concerning a large Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation. The complexity of the case required the law firm and its client to have early visibility into the data before processing. The firm had a general idea of the time frames giving rise to the investigation, but needed to isolate specific communications and people involved in the incident. Learn how Kroll Ontrack assisted their client with taking control of the case, corralling the costs and performing discovery in a defensible manner.

Early Data Assessment and Automated Document Review Workflow Technology Results in Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings

The financial crisis that gripped the nation two years ago has spawned litigation relating to poor investments, bad banking and a myriad of consumer disputes. A leading national bank enlisted the services of Kroll Ontrack to design an efficient solution to manage significant amounts of data involved in a series of litigations. The client turned to the proven services and technologies offered by Kroll Ontrack to reduce the volume of data for process and review, strengthen defensibility and reduce costs and risk.

End-to-End Solutions Ensures Smooth Acquisition in High-Stakes Deal

Following a Second Request from the Department of Justice (DOJ) regarding a large and complex acquisition, two leading technology companies with extremely tight deadlines and over a half-billion dollars at stake approached Kroll Ontrack to get the job done. The companies needed an expert with top-notch capabilities and experience navigating regulatory disclosures, as the large volume of data for collection and processing left little room for error.

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Global Healthcare Corporation Saves Millions of Dollars in Security Breach Incident

A Fortune 100 healthcare organization engaged Kroll Ontrack when it had reason to be concerned that more than two million patient medical records were compromised during a data security breach. Kroll Ontrack quickly responded with a multidisciplinary team of legal and technical consultants with a strategic and tactical approach. Learn how Kroll Ontrack assisted with notifying impacted individuals, reduce costs and prepare for future incidents.

Intelligent Prioritization Leads to Proven Reduction in Document Review Costs and Time

A Fortune 100 corporation involved with litigation related to claims for insurance coverage enlisted the services of Kroll Ontrack – the global leader of information management, data recovery, and legal technology products and services – to identify, collect, process, review and produce information related to the case.

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International Cost-Cutting Collection and Multilingual Production

An internationally recognized Japanese technology manufacturer engaged Kroll Ontrack in response to an investigation by the International Trade Commission (ITC). The production deadline was in 12 days, and the data was located in offices across Asia, providing many challenges in managing the differing privacy requirements that exist in the U.S. and Japan. Learn how Kroll Ontrack successfully identified, collected and filtered data cost-effectively to produce responsive documents to the ITC.

Merging Parties Triumph in Fast-Moving, Document-Intensive Second Request

When a Top 200 law firm representing a Fortune 100 company merging with another organization was served with a Second Request by the Bureau of Competition at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), it turned to Kroll Ontrack to assist in the high-stakes electronic document production. Learn how Kroll Ontrack helped the law firm and its client comply with the government's demands, paving the way for approval of the merger.

Near-Duplication and E-Mail Threading Accelerates Productivity Allowing Bank to Meet Critical Discovery Deadline

At the height of the financial crisis, a premier global banking organization entrusted Kroll Ontrack to assist with its electronic discovery needs during litigation stemming from a highly contentious acquisition. The dispute centered around the timing of executive communications between companies. The client employed an in-house collection team, but did not possess the technology necessary to filter and process the massive amounts of e-mail data to a level that could be feasibly managed by third party document review teams.

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Data Recovery Case Studies


A large manufacturing company experienced an unexpected data loss with its email system resulting from a series of failures. A clustered server system was in place using an Exchange server supporting over 1,000 users, but due to local log file storage, one of the cluster servers began exhibiting performance issues as it was running out of disk space. Shortly thereafter, a second node in the server array failed and it would not mount the Information Store. Microsoft’s support team assisted the IT staff by bringing the server offline, and after performing Information Store repairs and then an Information Store backup, the server was back online.

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Information Management Case Studies


A large service and product organization with multiple international offices took on an Exchange 2010 migration project that would affect all of its locations. The migration scope was 20 offices, three network domains, and over 6,000 user mailboxes, and included: a Blackberry® Enterprise Server (BES), Outlook Web Access (OWA) services, and the introduction of Microsoft® Forefront® servers to the infrastructure.

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A mid-sized organization made a SharePoint 2007 server available to a small number of managers within three business units on a test VMware® host server. One of the business managers had an IT background and began to leverage its features for numerous projects that were just beginning.

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An IT manager for a large corporation has been asked to collect past email data for several employees to be used in pending litigation. They have been informed that a competitor will be suing them for possible patent infringement. Legal has given the IT team two days to collect email from users who may be involved. Due to the time constraints given by the legal team’s request, the production Exchange server cannot be taken offline or disrupted.

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