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Solving the Ediscovery Conundrum – A Global Effort

Around the World in 400 Words

2009 Year in Review – Courts Continue Imposing Sanctions for Ediscovery Shortcomings

International Data Transmission – An Overview of International Discovery Laws

Hot Off the Presses! Important Developments in Recent Ediscovery Case Law  

Early Data Assessment – The Ticket to Reducing Litigation Costs & Increasing Defensibility

Navigating Ediscovery: A Look at Data Mapping  

Time to Work Smarter, Not Harder - Intelligent Review

what"s on the Minds of Corporations? Preparedness, Response and Ownership of ESI

Corporate Counsel and IT are Partnering to Reduce Cost, Mitigate Risk and Prepare for Litigation  

Court Sanctions In-House Counsel for Failure to Issue a Litigation Hold and Ensure Preservation

Court Finds International Blocking Statute Irrelevant and Scanned PDF Images Not Readily Usable

United States Supreme Court Upholds Search of Text Messages Sent on Employer-Issued Equipment

Inherent Challenges & Risks Associated with Data Collections

Social Media Data Collection Best Practices

Mobile Device Forensics – A Walk on the Wireless Side of Ediscovery

Proactive Policies - Address Technology and Network Use Now

International Privacy Laws – Understanding the Context of Cross-Border Discovery Disputes 

Early Data Assessment – Too Valuable To Ignore

Using Intelligent Review Technology to Boost Quality & Efficiency

Think Before You Post - A Look at the Rising Use of Social Site Evidence

Comprehensive ESI Productions Through Concept Searching

Looking in From the Outside – Counsel's Ediscovery Responsibilities

Information Management Articles

Preservation & Litigation Hold Management

Metadata Significance & Preservation Practices

Archiving – Retain Only What You Need to Comply

Archiving – Protecting Privacy and Privilege in the Digital Workplace

Proper Preservation & Litigation Hold Management

don"t Fall Behind: Enact, Enforce & Update Technology and Network Use Policies

Archiving & Legal Holds – An ESI Recipe for Efficiency and Cost Reduction

Security in the Cloud – Cloud Computing Pitfalls and Security Risks

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