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As the recognized leader of information management, data recovery and legal technology solutions, Kroll Ontrack offers intuitive, scalable, efficient and cost-effective software products to address your most critical and time-sensitive data needs.

Ontrack® EasyRecovery™

Comprehensive do-it-yourself (DIY) data recovery software for all operating systems and any media type. An intuitive solution that provides file recovery capabilities to provide control over your recovery spend, offered in versions for Windows® and Mac® OS. Unique version offers hardware and software RAID recovery support, and an enhanced set of recovery tools.

Ontrack® PowerControls™

Robust software that helps administrators search, and restore data efficiently in Microsoft® Exchange, Microsoft® SharePoint® and Microsoft® SQL environments. Restore what you need when you need it to better serve your stakeholders.

Data Erasure

Kroll Ontrack offers Blancco data erasure software for permanent removal of data from IT assets such as PCs, servers, data center equipment and smartphones.

Ediscovery.com Manage

One of the industry's first ediscovery solutions for managing ediscovery as a portfolio as opposed to individual projects. View your ediscovery spend in entirety or by project, drill down on project details to make strategic decisions, and direct projects through centralized communication.

Ediscovery.com Review

A dynamic review solution that enables reviewers to conduct early data assessment, analysis, review and production in a single platform. while exercising unprecedented control of data volumes. And with the industry’s most powerful predictive coding, you can focus in on the most relevant documents during both early case assessment and review.


Leverage the flexibility and customization of kCura’s leading review tool, backed by Kroll Ontrack’s powerful processing, secure storage and consultative expertise.

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