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Ontrack® PowerControls Licensing Options

Ontrack PowerControls offers multiple licensing options in a variety of flexible configurations based on data capacity, license period, and simultaneous sessions. All licensing models can be configured for use within Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint environments in any combination. Maintenance Services are required with each licensing model except one-month terms and subscriptions.


Data Capacity

  • Mailboxes = The sum of all mailboxes contained in Microsoft Exchange database files (EDB and log files). Archive mailboxes and public folders are supported, but do not count towards the mailbox total.
  • Terabytes (TBs) = The sum of all Microsoft SharePoint content database files sizes including log files (MDB and log files)

License Period

  • The duration (number of years or months) a license is configured to operate. The license period begins when the license is created and expires at the end of the license period.

Simultaneous Sessions

  • The number of computers that can simultaneously operate Ontrack PowerControls when using a single license.

License Models


Subscription Licenses are configured for a specified data capacity and operate on a yearly billing period, available for 2 or 3 year subscription terms.  Subscription Licenses are designed for large enterprises with capacity needs starting at 7,500 mailboxes available in tiers of 5,000 mailboxes up through 100,000 mailboxes. 20 terabytes of SharePoint capacity is available as an add-on to the subscription price. Subscription licenses may not be used for commercial or financial gain including, but not limited to, using it for technical or consulting services.


Perpetual Licenses are configured for specific features and a specified data capacity to match the needs and size of your environment.  Configurations begin at  100 mailboxes for Exchange environments and 0.5 terabytes for SharePoint environments.  Perpetual licenses are not restricted by license period or number of simultaneous sessions.  Perpetual licenses are ideal for those who are managing their own corporate production systems within their own establishments.  Perpetual licenses are for internal use only and may not be used for commercial or financial gain including, but not limited to, using it for technical or consulting services.


Commercial Licenses are configured for specified data capacity for a specified license period and number of simultaneous sessions.  Configurations range from one, two, or three year license periods including 1 or more simultaneous sessions.  A one month license period is available to consultants and service providers working on a project for an end customer/client.  One of our most common Commercial License configurations includes a one year license period with unlimited data capacity with one simultaneous session.  Commercial licenses are easy to move around and are ideal for lab environments or mobile technician environments where you want flexibility that can be tailored to fit a certain project or other specific budgetary or usage cycle.  Each Commercial License requires a USB hardware key (dongle) to operate.  Commercial Licenses may be used for commercial or financial gain such as providing recovery, restoration, and ediscovery services to your end clients.


OEM Licensing is available to companies for integration into server, storage, or backup solutions.  OEM licensing includes features such as private-label branding and other customizations which can enable a more seamless and tightly integrated offering for you. OEM licensing requires a multi-year distribution agreement and can be customized to meet your needs with respect to product features, pricing model, distribution, fulfillment, reporting, and billing.

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