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Ontrack® PowerControls software helps administrators search, recover, restore and export data efficiently in either Microsoft® Exchange Server or Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server environments.

Ontrack PowerControls 7.1 – What’s New

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Ontrack PowerControls works directly with your backups and allows you to extract and restore only the items that you need, providing an easier and less expensive process than maintaining a recovery server.

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Microsoft Exchange Microsoft SharePoint

Ontrack PowerControls reads your backups and makes searching, recovering, and exporting items at a granular level an easier and less expensive process.

  • Minimize the time needed to restore individual Exchange messages, mailboxes or entire EDB files – or SharePoint items, lists, libraries, folders and entire sites.
  • Find items meeting specific search criteria faster – even across multiple data sources – then copy and export those items to your desired location.
  • Eliminate the need for a recovery server. Both applications work directly with your backups and allow you to extract and restore only the items that you need!
  • Keep your current production and backup processes intact. Ontrack PowerControls requires no changes to your current processes and runs on any Windows®-based workstation.
  • Manage your users’ complete set of mail items, including the Exchange Server Personal Archive Mailbox and Recoverable Items features.
  • Migrate efficiently to a new Exchange Server, by eliminating the need to have your new and old servers coexist simultaneously. Save time and resources by fully automating the ability to copy legacy email to your new server using the Mailbox Creation Wizard.
  • Enhanced metadata preservation when exporting Exchange and SharePoint source data – a key requirement in forensic data collection for investigations, litigation, and regulatory requests.
  • Search, collect, and export content from a live Exchange environment, providing forensically sound data collection of current, real-time Exchange content
  • Supports data restore from Metalogix StoragePoint. Granularly access, search, and restore externalized SharePoint data (BLOBs) to the live SharePoint Server, or export to another server or file system.
  • Restore Shredded Storage from SharePoint environments. This feature allows IT administrators to locate critical files and granularly restore SharePoint content that may have otherwise been inaccessible.

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