Restoring Recovered UNIX Tar Files

UNIX Tar Files

Your data has been returned in a tar file (or files) located in the root of the CD/DVD. The file extension is .tar

The CD/DVD-ROM device must be mounted to extract the tar file from the CD/DVD. Device mount commands can be found in the man pages by typing man mount.

Note: not all CD/DVD-ROM devices are mountable devices. It may be necessary for you to
copy the tar file from the CD/DVD to a local or network drive before you can extract
the files.

To verify the data in the tar file

Type: tar -tvf /dev/cd-rom device name/tar file name

To extract the data from the tar file

You must be in the directory where the data is to be copied to when executing the
extraction command.

Example: (to extract the recovered data to a subdirectory named RECOVERY.)

Go to the ./RECOVERY directory
Type: tar -xvf /dev/cd-rom device name/tar file name*

This extracts all files in the tar file to the ./RECOVERY subdirectory. You can find
further information in the UNIX man pages by typing man tar.

Contact Information

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