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Connected Cars – from revolutionary to risky

From Apple CarPlay to Android Auto, parking assistance, internet connectivity, streaming media and traffic guidance, automotive technology continues to advance and serve as a computer on wheels for consumers.  However, along with these exciting features comes the need to protect from cyber security risks.  Adding cars to the Internet of Things will prove to be difficult and make vehicles a larger and more attractive target for cybercrime.  How do criminals …Read More

Helpful Tips for Dealing with Fire-damaged Media

With the wildfires raging in California, our hearts go out to those in the affected areas. Individuals and businesses in California’s wine country are experiencing loss on a catastrophic level, with some losing everything they have. Insurance will assist in helping to rebuild their lives, but there are many possessions which are irreplaceable. There is still hope for fire-damaged devices with lost data. If handled properly and brought to an …Read More

IBM Z: Tackling Data Breaches through Encrypted Transactions

Increase in Data Breaches With recent customer data breaches surrounding Equifax and Target Corporation in 2013, it is easy to think that cyber-attacks on sensitive and confidential data is now a common occurrence for large corporations.  However, IBM has recently launched a new mainframe data encryption system called IBM Z.  Research by IBM shows that nearly nine billion digital data records have been compromised since 2013 and only 4 percent …Read More

Intel Optane Memory – what you need to know

Intel® has introduced the newest type of data storage in over thirty years.  Intel® Optane™ Memory is a system acceleration solution for new 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processor platforms.  Intel and Micron teamed up in 2012 and began developing a new type of memory storage that removes flaws that NAND flash has.  They call it 3D Xpoint (pronounced as “crosspoint”). Intel Optane Memory Features – 3D Xpoint This product really is …Read More