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Is It Time To Migrate Your Tapes?

Change is rarely comfortable, but as Winston Churchill said, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”  In business, there can be many reasons for organizations to modify or even revolutionize the way that they operate, some through choice, and some that are imposed upon them.  From a data center point of view, this often involves the transfer of information from one medium to another, and …Read More

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The Perfect Backup

Whether smartphone or tablet, Windows PC or Mac:  In today’s time a proper backup is a duty, at least of the most important data.  Accidents can occur, thieves are on the move and data theft in electronic assistants pile up. We don´t want to propose single programs here, but offer an overview of what has to be respected to be on the safe side with the backup process. Since it’s …Read More

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How Secure Is The Cloud?

How secure is the cloud? While some people still associate the cloud with a lack of security, perceptions are changing.  Proponents of the cloud industry say it is very safe, and highlight that like any other purchasing decision, corporations must do their due diligence and ensure that they choose an established supplier. First, make sure you’re ready to go “cloud” One place to start is to look at their reference …Read More

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7 Deadly Threats to Your Tape Accessibility

Is your tape storage practice similar to that of most people? You might be ‘following the rules’ and making sure you regularly copy the company data into tapes, which you then diligently store and forget about for the next few years. However, those tapes store important information which you might have to access at the most unexpected moment. Would you be able to quickly find any requested information at the drop …Read More

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