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Smart TV Data Recovery

All eyes were on LG’s signature W Oled Smart TVat last year’s CES, one of the major trade shows for consumer electronics and Home Appliances in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The SmartTV was referred to as an “absolute stunner”. Giant screens and the highest definition for viewing have become almost secondary features to the connectivity of the Smart TV- similar to call quality on smartphones. A Smart TV now can replace …Read More

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Zero-Day, Cyber Espionage, Cyber Conflict Defined

While recently catching up on technology news, I came across the terms zero-day, cyber espionage, and cyber conflict.  I realized I know the meaning of these words, but do I really understand them? Do you really understand them and their implications? I decided to take a deeper dive into these terms to get a clearer picture. Zero-day Zero-day is a term recently used when describing the recent bug affecting Microsoft …Read More

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Erase Unwanted Files with Surgical Precision

Many of the articles in this blog are often dedicated to data erasure, but we’ll never get tired of repeating that in our digital age.  Information is the new gold. Remember in the old western movies when bad guys riding horses spent their life in robbing wagons, ending up with chests full of gold bars?  Today, our computers are the chests and the information is the gold.  So, who are …Read More

The post Erase Unwanted Files with Surgical Precision appeared first on The Data Recovery Blog by Kroll Ontrack.