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How Kroll Ontrack Recovered the Data Stored on Space Shuttle Columbia’s Hard Drives

February 1th, 2003, after 17 days in space, Space Shuttle Columbia was set to land at the Kennedy Space Center at 9:16 am and complete the STS-107 mission. It was approximately 9:00 am when the disaster occurred. CNN live broadcasted the shuttle disintegrating above the state of Texas. The cause of the crash was due to a piece of thermal insulation foam that came off the shuttle just 80 seconds …Read More

Double Murder

Among the most amazing cases of data recovery that Kroll Ontrack has seen is about a double murder investigation. A woman had been found dead at her home next to another dead body that she apparently had not known. Suspicion was first raised against her husband, who was also in the house at the time of the incident, but he had no recollection of what could have happened, so the …Read More

Saving Data with Light

The world’s first fully light-based storage chip that can store data permanently was developed by materials scientists at the University of Oxford in collaboration with scientists in Exeter, as well as Karlsruhe and Münster in Germany. The chip built with materials used in rewritable CDs and DVDs could dramatically improve the data transfer speed in modern computers. Today’s computers are slowed down by the relatively slow data transfer between the …Read More

Wear leveling explained

Wear leveling, what is it? Wear leveling is a technique used by some SSD controllers to increase the lifetime of the memory. The principle is simple: evenly distribute writing on all blocks of a SSD so they wear evenly. All cells receive the same number of writes, to avoid writing too often on the same blocks. Flash memory in Solid State Drives (SSD’s) allows only a certain number of reading …Read More

The Threats of Hacking: Part 2

In the tough world of IT, there are still actions which can save your data from hacking and viruses. Use common sense It is the first  tool to prevent against hackers. First, beware of suspicious messages. Email is  the vehicle used in the majority of cases of hacking or viruses. Always check the addressee, do not open any attachments and do not click on the links without having really looked …Read More

The Threats of Hacking: Part 1

Before we begin, we must ask ourselves the question: what is hacking? Hacking is the intrusion, by a person or an organization, of a computer system with the aim of obtaining protected and confidential information. Today, with the accessibility of the internet and the advent of the social networks, users are increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks.  These attacks, or hackings, can take several forms and are made by different types of …Read More