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Ransomware – Will it Stay or Will it Go?

Since 2010, there has been an increase of reported attacks from blackmail viruses.  The spread of the Locky in February 2016, represented an unprecedented rise of ransomware. In April 2016, the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) conducted a survey of nearly 600 companies.  The results showed that 32 percent, or one third of companies, were affected by ransomware.  In 82 percent of all cases, email was the gateway …Read More

Why Should you Erase Virtual Data?

Traditionally, getting rid of data from storage media has often been limited to hard drives from old PCs and laptops once they reach the end of their usable lifespan.  However, with today’s technology, the need to securely erase information has extended way past the point of erasing just single drives and encompasses much more than just physical storage. For example, the large storage systems that you find in data centers …Read More

Survival story: A challenging Exchange migration

To upgrade or not to upgrade… System upgrades, whether we like them or not, are a necessary part of our technological world. However, in an effort to save costs, many organizations hold back from rolling out new technology. When an upgrade is finally approved, multiple complex systems are often upgraded all at once. Multiple upgrades increase the risk of complicating the execution or lost user productivity because of delays, or …Read More

Dealing With Exchange Server Failure: The Right Tool For The Job

Businesses that experience an email system outage can lose days of productivity, and as IT staff scramble to troubleshoot the issue, costs rise exponentially during each minute of downtime.  The failure of an Exchange server illustrates how a dedicated data management and restoration tool could have provided a faster recovery. Multiple failures A large manufacturing company experienced an unexpected data loss with its email system resulting from a series of …Read More

Protect Your Data from Extreme Weather

Every summer, our engineers see the same pattern: a surge in data recovery service requests that coincides with the severe storm season. Kroll Ontrack has 30 years in the data recovery business; and for 30 years, the summer months have always meant high demand for recovery services. Although, you cannot predict when a storm will strike, there are some ways you can protect your data by following some simple precautions. …Read More

GDPR – Will On-site Data Erasure be a Must?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has officially gone into effect and many companies are now adopting their data protection and business continuity plans to these new rules in order to avoid the massive fines for non-compliance.  For most companies, these fines can be  life threatening, with up to four percent of the total worldwide turnover, every aspect of the law has to be checked and if necessary to be …Read More

A Day in the Life of a Cleanroom Engineer

How is a typical working day of a cleanroom engineer at Kroll Ontrack? We asked Massimo Scaniglia, Cleanroom Supervisor at Kroll Ontrack Italy, and here’s what he told us. 9:00 am – My first task of the day is attending a meeting with other colleagues of the technical staff to review the daily project list and review jobs from the prior day.  For example, we started reading data from a couple …Read More

Dangerous Adware – What to do When Infected

The term adware originated from the contraction of the terms advertisement (advertising) and software. Adware falls under the heading of malware and is primarily not dangerous, but very inconvenient because the software can change the browser home page, bringing unwanted advertising on the screen or even installing a new toolbar. If you’re annoyed by always new opening windows, you most likely captured one of these programs. Adware can be extremely …Read More

How to Establish an Effective Email Retention Policy

Despite the new collaborative communication tools on the market that combine unified messaging, video and/or other social media instruments, emails are still number one for both private users and enterprise business use.  According to the most recent Email Statistics Report from the Radicati Group, almost 113 billion emails were sent in 2015 for business reasons on a single day worldwide. Private individuals added another 93 billion emails to an astonishing figure …Read More

Risks and Considerations when Upgrading to Office 365

Cloud services are becoming increasingly common among  businesses of all shapes and sizes, allowing for increased productivity while reducing on-premises infrastructure costs. As a result, Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online are now a common pairing that offers a hosted platform by which organizations can access their business data from anywhere in the world, whether it’s from a workstation or mobile device.  While there’s no denying that there are a …Read More