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5G: The Fifth Generation of Mobile Network Communication Technology

The development of new mobile network communication technologies is always in progress. In a highly interconnected world, the demand for increasingly efficient and performant communication protocols is unstoppable. ┬áThe 5G network looks to be ground-breaking. So, while there are still areas not covered by 4G, many telecommunication players are vying to be the first to offer customers the 5th generation ultra-speed connection. In 2013, the European Commission allocated 50 million …Read More

Looking for the Lost Smartphone

Who has forgotten their smartphone somewhere and been a victim of theft? Unfortunately, these situations can happen. Forgetfulness or theft can deprive us of our beloved phone: not only can it be financially damaging, but also a personal impact due to the loss of our data, like contacts, videos and photos. However, thanks to geolocation technology, there may still be hope of finding it again! How mobile geolocation works There …Read More