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New Petya Ransomware Strikes Around the Globe

New Petya Ransomware Makes Disruptive Debut Spanning back to the early 1990s and making a brief reappearance in early 2016, a variant of Petya (also called Petrwrap) Ransomware has resurfaced once again, this time referred to as Petya A or NonPetya.  As far as what is already known about the recent attack which hit companies, public health care and governments organizations, as well as airports in the U.S., Russia, Ukraine, …Read More

The Ryzen of AMD

With the much anticipated release of AMD’s highly disruptive Ryzen chips, it appears as if the underdog is giving Intel’s Core i5 and i7 a run for its money.  With eight core central processing units (CPUs), AMD promises high-quality and top-performing products with strikingly cheaper prices than its competitor, Intel. AMD Ryzen vs. Intel Chipsets and Core CPUs Taking a closer look at Ryzen 5 1600X chips, AMD is showcasing …Read More