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Case Studies

Do You Need Computer Forensics, Data Recovery, Or Both?

Computer forensics is the science behind the investigation of computer media while data recovery is the technique for the retrieval of data from media with damage.  In order to conduct a comprehensive investigation, you will use both capabilities in most cases. Data recovery techniques are to retrieve critical data from the target media and then by using forensic methodologies, the data can then receive an analysis. From laptops in the …Read More

Migrating to Microsoft Exchange 2010

System upgrades, whether we like them or not, are a necessary part of our technological world. In an effort to save costs however, many organizations are holding back from rolling out new technology. The downstream impact of this is that once an upgrade is finally approved, multiple complicated systems are upgraded all at once—sometimes involving hardware, software and other IT infrastructure items. “Might-as-well syndrome” is a good name for this, …Read More

Case study: Kroll Ontrack reclaims animation tape from Christchurch Production Company after earthquake

Orly Productions is one of New Zealand’s most experienced film and television production companies. From its studio in Christchurch, Orly’s tight-knit creative team oversees the production of television commercials, technically advanced interactive media for sales and marketing, and business communications. Its clients are a “who’s who” of leading local and global organizations.Around midday on 22nd February, 2011 an Orly animator got up from his desk to return the company’s animation …Read More

Case Study: Kroll Ontrack recovers data from 1.6 terabyte Oracle database

A major property surveyor operating in Spain lost access to a 1.6 terabyte Oracle 10 database following a power failure and contacted Kroll Ontrack data recovery specialists through his authorized partner. Kroll Ontrack experts immediately engaged to consult with the customer and investigate the potential recovery options. The client was running Oracle 10 on SuSe Linux, with the databases stored in an ASM volume on an HP EVA SAN system with …Read More

Dealing with the Complexity of Storage Systems

In an effort to expand the capacity of a file server supporting hundreds of users, healthcare IT manager Neil Smith plugged an external 14 drive enclosure into the outside port of his RAID controller (which had a SCSI channel already being used internally as part of a drive array spanning multiple channels). Unfortunately, when he added the enclosure, the original RAID configuration was lost – more than 400,000 files (about …Read More