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Case Studies

Solve your Server Recovery Nightmares

The on-call IT tech is jolted awake from a terrible dream – his heart pounding. Lightning crashes overhead as he glances at the clock – 2:59 a.m. The server isn’t down, it was just a dream. 3:00 a.m. The IT on-call pager goes off. This could mean any number of things: a fire, a break-in, a failed air-conditioner in the server room, or even a main business server crash. 3:25 …Read More

Success with Remote Data Recovery

Data loss can happen to anyone and usually without warning.  Remote Data Recovery™ service uses patented technology and trained engineers to allow us to recover data right on your server, desktop or laptop through an Internet connection or a modem. Remote Data Recovery is an excellent option especially for server recoveries because there is no need to dismantle and ship your drive or hardware in for service – which can be …Read More