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Data Recovery

Top Ten Summer Fails for Mobile Devices

Summer means sun, beach and sea.  For most people, this is proven to be a relaxing time. However, sometimes summer fun can turn into a stressful situations for our electronic devices. 10. Toilets A study found that one-third of mobile phone owners have lost smartphones due to some kind of misfortunate incident. Five percent reported that their pet destroyed their smartphone. Twelve percent of the respondents had left the smartphone …Read More

Are There Better Ways to Destroy Smart Phone Data Than With a Hammer?

Over the years of recovering data, the engineers at Kroll Ontrack have witnessed some pretty rough devices come through.  With so many criminal investigations involving data and electronic devices, we thought we would focus on a question that seems to be of interest lately: can you destroy smart phone data with a hammer?  To summarize, the chances of destroying data vary depending on the device and how ambitious someone gets …Read More

Recovering Data from Solid State Drives (SSDs)

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are continuously becoming more and more prevalent and are starting to become the norm as home computing devices. Image source: http://www.storagenewsletter.com/2017/07/10/digital-storage-outlook-2017-spectra-logic/ Solid State Drive vs. Hard Disk Drive The biggest difference between SSDs and HDDs is the usage of magnetic recording to store data versus using electronic recording.  SSD uses NAND flash, while HDD uses glass or aluminum platters coated with a thin magnetic alloy. Recovering Data …Read More

Top 10 DIY Data Recovery Fails

For anyone looking to brave a do-it-yourself (DIY) project, the internet has a wealth of knowledge, even for DIY data recovery. Whether it is baking a dinosaur cake or fixing the kitchen sink, you can find step-by-step instructions for just about anything and it is no different for DIY data recovery. What is different is the risk you are taking when attempting to recover data without a professional. Unlike baking …Read More

How to Handle a Corrupted Hard Drive

When your hard drive is corrupted, it may seem impossible to retrieve the data. However, recovering data from a corrupted hard drive isn’t impossible if you have the right expertise. The first step in recovering your data is to look at what caused the corruption. There are many reasons why data corruption occurs – let’s look at a few of them.   In many cases, a corrupted hard drive can occur …Read More

No Summer Break for Data Loss

Over the years, we have noticed a trend of increased data loss during the summer months. Extreme heat and summer storms are often the culprits behind these losses.  We have put together some helpful tips to avoid summer data loss. Knowing this is a common problem, computer users need to pay special attention to protecting their valuable data. From intense heat, to major natural disasters, there are a variety of …Read More

Avoiding Data Loss in Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update has been live for a few weeks now, bringing with it a host of tweaks and features intended to help PC users become more productive. Despite all this “newness”, some things remain unchanged, like the importance of protecting your data. Windows 10 Creators Update brings a set of nifty tools to help reduce the chances of data loss.  If you use them all, your files and …Read More

Users of Virtual Platforms are Victims of Data Loss Because of Their Own Mistakes

Users of virtual platforms are victims of data loss because of their own mistakes Virtualization is still a major issue when it comes to a company’s IT infrastructure. As the technology matures, the benefits remain the same:  lower hardware costs, lower energy consumption and less administrative work hours for maintaining the guest operating systems and applications. Market analysts from Gartner estimate that companies already reach an internal server virtualization rate …Read More

How to React When Your Data is Corrupted?

Have you ever seen a corrupted digital picture or were unable to open a file inside of an application due to data corruption? You are not alone. Data corruption is far more common than one might think. Since the beginning of the computer era, users have dealt with data corruption. Data corruption, in simple words, means that the data inside of a file has been altered from its original state. …Read More