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Data Recovery

Virtual Machine Gone Missing

A government entity experienced a grim situation when a synchronization error with vSAN 6 cluster drives caused the hosts to repeatedly crash.  There were 56 drives, each 1 TB in size.  After one host crashed, a Windows server Virtual Machine (VM) went missing.  When you lose confidential files and sensitive materials, it is easy to begin thinking the worst.  Data recovery specialists were able to find the lost data.  Here’s …Read More

Top Ten Summer Fails for Mobile Devices

Summer means sun, beach and sea.  For most people, this is proven to be a relaxing time. However, sometimes summer fun can turn into a stressful situations for our electronic devices. 10. Toilets A study found that one-third of mobile phone owners have lost smartphones due to some kind of misfortunate incident. Five percent reported that their pet destroyed their smartphone. Twelve percent of the respondents had left the smartphone …Read More

Are There Better Ways to Destroy Smart Phone Data Than With a Hammer?

First – is it possible to destroy smart phone data with a hammer? Over the years of recovering data, the engineers at Kroll Ontrack have witnessed some pretty rough devices come through.  With so many criminal investigations involving data and electronic devices, we thought we would focus on a question that seems to be of interest lately: can you destroy smart phone data with a hammer?  To summarize, the chances …Read More

How to Recover Data from Solid State Drives (SSDs)

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are continuously becoming more and more prevalent and are starting to become the norm as home computing devices. Image source: http://www.storagenewsletter.com/2017/07/10/digital-storage-outlook-2017-spectra-logic/ Solid State Drive vs. Hard Disk Drive The biggest difference between SSDs and HDDs is the usage of magnetic recording to store data versus using electronic recording.  SSD uses NAND flash, while HDD uses glass or aluminum platters coated with a thin magnetic alloy. Recovering Data …Read More