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Information Management

How to Handle a Corrupted Hard Drive

When your hard drive is corrupted, it may seem impossible to retrieve the data. However, recovering data from a corrupted hard drive isn’t impossible if you have the right expertise. The first step in recovering your data is to look at what caused the corruption. There are many reasons why data corruption occurs – let’s look at a few of them.   In many cases, a corrupted hard drive can occur …Read More

Avoiding Data Loss in Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update has been live for a few weeks now, bringing with it a host of tweaks and features intended to help PC users become more productive. Despite all this “newness”, some things remain unchanged, like the importance of protecting your data. Windows 10 Creators Update brings a set of nifty tools to help reduce the chances of data loss.  If you use them all, your files and …Read More

Users of Virtual Platforms are Victims of Data Loss Because of Their Own Mistakes

Users of virtual platforms are victims of data loss because of their own mistakes Virtualization is still a major issue when it comes to a company’s IT infrastructure. As the technology matures, the benefits remain the same:  lower hardware costs, lower energy consumption and less administrative work hours for maintaining the guest operating systems and applications. Market analysts from Gartner estimate that companies already reach an internal server virtualization rate …Read More

New Petya Ransomware Strikes Around the Globe

New Petya Ransomware Makes Disruptive Debut Spanning back to the early 1990s and making a brief reappearance in early 2016, a variant of Petya (also called Petrwrap) Ransomware has resurfaced once again, this time referred to as Petya A or NonPetya.  As far as what is already known about the recent attack which hit companies, public health care and governments organizations, as well as airports in the U.S., Russia, Ukraine, …Read More

How to React When Your Data is Corrupted?

Have you ever seen a corrupted digital picture or were unable to open a file inside of an application due to data corruption? You are not alone. Data corruption is far more common than one might think. Since the beginning of the computer era, users have dealt with data corruption. Data corruption, in simple words, means that the data inside of a file has been altered from its original state. …Read More

How Kroll Ontrack Recovered the Data Stored on Space Shuttle Columbia’s Hard Drives

February 1th, 2003, after 17 days in space, Space Shuttle Columbia was set to land at the Kennedy Space Center at 9:16 am and complete the STS-107 mission. It was approximately 9:00 am when the disaster occurred. CNN live broadcasted the shuttle disintegrating above the state of Texas. The cause of the crash was due to a piece of thermal insulation foam that came off the shuttle just 80 seconds …Read More

Choosing an IT Asset Disposal Provider

The European Union (EU) has introduced the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to be enforced on May 25, 2018.  This regulation replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC.  How will GDPR directly impact the United States?  In the past, U.S.-based regulations were a primary driver of compliance requirements.  This is changing with the introduction of the GDPR.  The GDPR requires organizations to understand what information they have, who has access …Read More

Double Murder

Among the most amazing cases of data recovery that Kroll Ontrack has seen is about a double murder investigation. A woman had been found dead at her home next to another dead body that she apparently had not known. Suspicion was first raised against her husband, who was also in the house at the time of the incident, but he had no recollection of what could have happened, so the …Read More

The Ryzen of AMD

With the much anticipated release of AMD’s highly disruptive Ryzen chips, it appears as if the underdog is giving Intel’s Core i5 and i7 a run for its money.  With eight core central processing units (CPUs), AMD promises high-quality and top-performing products with strikingly cheaper prices than its competitor, Intel. AMD Ryzen vs. Intel Chipsets and Core CPUs Taking a closer look at Ryzen 5 1600X chips, AMD is showcasing …Read More