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Information Management

Cybercrime is on the Rise – How to Protect Against Ransomware in 2018

With 2017 only a few days over, we have to determine this has been the most terrible year in regards to ransomware ever, with severe attacks all over the world. There has never been a year in which attacks caused so many problems worldwide for so many private individuals, companies and federal organizations before. Malwarebytes Labs, a data security firm, states in his latest report that ransomware attacks have risen …Read More

Why Data Erasure Matters for GDPR

The impending date for the introduction of GDPR in May has brought data destruction and erasure strategies to the forefront of corporate strategic thinking. Thanks to potentially punitive fines for non-compliance and responsibility now sitting with the senior leadership team, data storage is now firmly at the top of the agenda in many organizations. Knowing about the issue and taking pragmatic steps to address it are clearly two different things. …Read More

How to Backup Data from a Smartphone – Part 1

During this holiday season, many new smartphones will be given as gifts. To transfer the data from the “old” device to the new one, a backup of the data and a subsequent restore on the new device helps.  Of course, a backup should not only be used to set up a newly received or purchased smartphone, but with personal and business data stored on these devices today, backups should be …Read More

Tape Destruction Explained

Contrary to popular opinion, magnetic tapes are not dead and still have a role in modern IT. Many businesses that do not use an archiving solution store their backup data on tapes.  Businesses choose this option because it’s cost effective. The tapes are then kept onsite at a company facility or at an external tape storage provider. These tapes are kept until the retention period has expired, which in some …Read More

Mac, Linux, and Smartphones Become Ramsomware Targets

2016 was the year of ransomware – 146 new families of these perfidious malware were discovered. The year before, it was just 29. The malicious programs earned the cybercriminals an estimated worldwide profit of around one billion dollars in 2016. Logically, the criminals expanded their sphere of influence: Until recently, Windows PCs were hit primarily by attacks with ransomware, now hackers are also targeting Macs and Linux PCs. More recently …Read More