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The Risk of Reusing Smartphone Memory Chips in Brand New USB Drives

Where do your USB drives come from? At an international computer forensics conference in March of this year, experts and law enforcement collaborators discussed a serious challenge investigators are facing when analyzing data from USB drives. Martin Westman, digital forensics and storage media expert, and Aya Fukami from the National Police Agency Japan, have found evidence that in some cases, old data from former computer users can be found on …Read More

Apple macOS High Sierra and APFS – what can we expect?

Since the inception of Apple Inc., we have seen groundbreaking products come to life, like smartwatches, iPhones, iPads, Apple TV, an Apple Server and a variety of Apple computers.  The company developed different operating systems for each range as well: watchOS for smart devices, iOS for iPhones and Tablets, tvOS for Apple TV and macOS for. However, the file system used in these operating systems still relies on the 30-year-old …Read More

Hurricane Harvey: Helpful Tips for Handling Your Data

For what promises to be a long and catastrophic hurricane season, the wrath is just beginning with Hurricane Harvey on parts of the United States.  The 2017 hurricane season is set to last until November 30 and is said to be an above-normal season for the Atlantic.  According to Live Science, the region has a 70 percent chance of experiencing between 11 and 17 storms this season and between five …Read More

How Security Must Adapt to the Internet of Things

From Amazon’s Alexa to Ring’s Video Doorbell, the Internet of Things (IoT) continues its transformation of technology.  Not only is it enhancing the way human beings live, but the speed of innovation is presenting challenges for IoT security. Security Concerns on the Rise In light of recent cybersecurity cases, the security concern for IoT devices is on the rise.  The growing market for IoT gadgets has proven to be a …Read More

Why Tape Migration is Still Important

The magnetic tape is by no means dead. The advantages for tape media are obvious: low cost for the capacity and a long storage lifespan. Tape has been around for quite some time. In fact, it was the second storage media with the punch card being the first. No one could have imagined nearly 60 years ago that this kind of data storage would have such a long life. However, …Read More