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Choosing an IT Asset Disposal Provider

The European Union (EU) has introduced the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to be enforced on May 25, 2018.  This regulation replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC.  How will GDPR directly impact the United States?  In the past, U.S.-based regulations were a primary driver of compliance requirements.  This is changing with the introduction of the GDPR.  The GDPR requires organizations to understand what information they have, who has access …Read More

Erase Unwanted Files with Surgical Precision

Many of the articles in this blog are often dedicated to data erasure, but we’ll never get tired of repeating that in our digital age.  Information is the new gold. Remember in the old western movies when bad guys riding horses spent their life in robbing wagons, ending up with chests full of gold bars?  Today, our computers are the chests and the information is the gold.  So, who are …Read More

Live Server Erasure – How to Erase Data From a Running Server

Securely erasing data is definitely not an easy task. Whether it’s a single hard disk drive or a SSD in a laptop or many enterprise class storage devices inside a live server – just pressing the delete button on the keyboard just won´t cut it. As we have pointed out in previous blog posts, using the “Recycle Bin” and deleting a file is not enough. The same is true with …Read More

The Black Market for Data

If the right kind of personal data – credit card numbers, email addresses, online credentials, or bank account information – falls into the wrong hands, you can be sure criminals will use that data for their personal gain or sell it on the black market, where buyers and sellers anonymously deal in stolen or illegal goods and services. On the darknet, the secret and hidden part of the Internet, everything …Read More

Spring Cleaning your Electronic Devices Properly

With spring on the way, many of us will start cleaning our desks and our homes, but what about spring cleaning our devices?  Now is a perfect time to clean them out and increase your storage space for the year ahead.  Before you start though, you should ask yourself what you’d like to gain by cleaning out your device.  Are you looking to increase performance or increase storage space?  Do …Read More

Why Should you Erase Virtual Data?

Traditionally, getting rid of data from storage media has often been limited to hard drives from old PCs and laptops once they reach the end of their usable lifespan.  However, with today’s technology, the need to securely erase information has extended way past the point of erasing just single drives and encompasses much more than just physical storage. For example, the large storage systems that you find in data centers …Read More

Introducing the Kroll Ontrack Data Academy

On a daily basis, our data recovery engineers are busy recovering precious data for our customers, but have you ever wondered about the “magic” that goes on behind the scenes?  If so, we invite you to sign up for the first course in the Kroll Ontrack Data Academy, where one of our own data recovery engineers will share their knowledge with you and reveal the secrets of the data you …Read More

Secure Data Erasure Management with Hosted Erase

Revelations of data leaks are now part of the daily business news.  Whether large Internet providers or telecommunications companies or the customer database of a global player are affected – the statistics show alarming figures regarding the frequency and success of cyber attacks and attacks on sensitive information from illegal data collectors.  This increases the pressure on large corporations and companies that are obligated to protect and prevent their electronic …Read More

New EU legislation puts pressure on businesses to erase data

The impact of the Snowden scandal has only added to the need for the EU to increase the minimum security expectations for companies’ networks and personal data protection. The big problem is finding a way to manage information in a responsible and effective way. From high-level government information to the credit card details of an Amazon shopper, the digital network is crammed full of confidential data, and its volume and …Read More

Putting your data to rest

We are often contacted when clients need to retrieve data that has become inaccessible through a hard drive crash, accidental deletion or one of a myriad of other scenarios.  Where do people go if they absolutely, positively want their data destroyed or their hard drives “erased?” Flip the coin When it comes to protecting your most sensitive electronic information, creating a clear data disposal policy is equally important to having …Read More