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Saving Data with Light

The world’s first fully light-based storage chip that can store data permanently was developed by materials scientists at the University of Oxford in collaboration with scientists in Exeter, as well as Karlsruhe and Münster in Germany. The chip built with materials used in rewritable CDs and DVDs could dramatically improve the data transfer speed in modern computers. Today’s computers are slowed down by the relatively slow data transfer between the …Read More

What is the Future of SATA and SAS SSDs?

Solid State Drives (SSDs) have become more and more prevalent over the years and are starting to become the norm for home computing devices. They are also now used extensively in enterprise-class systems that rely on data storage that is not only reliable, but able to maintain high data read/write speeds as well. However, as the demand for better performance and reliability increases, so does the need for more modern …Read More

Spring Cleaning your Electronic Devices Properly

With spring on the way, many of us will start cleaning our desks and our homes, but what about spring cleaning our devices?  Now is a perfect time to clean them out and increase your storage space for the year ahead.  Before you start though, you should ask yourself what you’d like to gain by cleaning out your device.  Are you looking to increase performance or increase storage space?  Do …Read More

How to Quickly Check if a Hard Drive is Working Properly

Whether you’re a private user or work within an IT department, you can sometimes be presented with a stark reality –  hard drives are no longer working as they should and/or data suddenly disappears.  Unlike the usual symptoms of a loud scratching or ‘clicking’ noise, it’s not always immediately clear whether a hard drive is physically defective or not.  Thus, many users are initially irritated and do not know how …Read More

The Need for Emergency Recovery Services

As businesses rely more and more on digital systems and data to improve the delivery of their goods and services, the need for emergency data recovery rises.  When a data center experiences downtime the company not only is at risk of losing revenue, but it could face costly fines for goods and services that weren’t delivered as well.  Every minute counts when data loss in an enterprise storage environment occurs. …Read More

To Recover Or Not To Recover? That Is The Question

A data loss has occurred – now what?  Determining if there is a need to recover the lost data can be difficult.  There are several things you must take into consideration when deciding if data recovery is really required. The quest for the vanishing data Everyone knows the importance of a good backup system, so your first step should be to determine if the data is actually backed up. Many …Read More

The shrinking data center

Remember when we used to need an entire rack for our tunes? Just as stereo systems have shrunk over the years, so has the modern data center.  This change began with the high density storage and larger capacity drives and now is accelerating with the increase use of software defined storage (SDS), hyper-converged storage and cloud storage. Soon, the need for the endless isles of racks in the data center …Read More

Fact or Fiction: Data Management Answers

How did you do on our last blog’s quiz? If you didn’t take it, please do before reading any further. If you did take it, let’s score your answers to see if you are a Data Management Expert. Fact: Providers following the ISO27018 code of practice must adhere to six principles (data control, data use, data protection, quality of cloud services, access to data by authorities, and validation by a …Read More