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WannaCry Ransomware Hits Computers Massively – What Now?

As many experts have long warned, last Friday it became a reality: Over 220,000 computers were infected by a new strain of Ransomware. The infection affected several British hospitals, Renault-a French car maker, and the German state-owned railroad operator- Deutsche Bahn.  Although a kill switch for the Ransomeware has stopped the spread of this version of ransomware, the fix is only temporary. The WannaCry Ransomware virus, once activated, encrypts files, …Read More

Can data recovery experts help when struck by ransomware?

Ransomware is one of the hottest topics in IT, data and internet security and it has gained momentum over the last several months. Now more users – in the comfort of their homes and companies alike – are targeted than ever before. The question is, when a computer is infected, is there a chance for regaining the precious data without paying the ransom.  Can the user or the company’s IT …Read More