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Kroll Ontrack Helps to Eliminate Funding for Ransomware Criminals

Kroll Ontrack helps to eliminate funding for Ransomware criminals.  Kroll Ontrack has developed a set of solutions to restore corporate data fast and eliminate payments in the event of a Ransomware attack. Ransomware is a lucrative crime Payments to Ransomware criminals are expected to reach over one billion dollars in 2017. New attacks are being reported daily and they are not expected to decline anytime in the near future. Anyone …Read More

Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack

2016 was the year of blackmail ransomware.  Data is encrypted by smuggling malicious programs into the infected system and making them useless.  Only after payment of “ransom” money the data is usable again. This kind of blackmail is not new.  Back in 1989, the Trojan “AIDS.exe” was able to hide files and by this way making them unusable.  However, the program changed only the file names while the contents remained …Read More

The Threats of Hacking: Part 2

In the tough world of IT, there are still actions which can save your data from hacking and viruses. Use common sense It is the first  tool to prevent against hackers. First, beware of suspicious messages. Email is  the vehicle used in the majority of cases of hacking or viruses. Always check the addressee, do not open any attachments and do not click on the links without having really looked …Read More

The Threats of Hacking: Part 1

Before we begin, we must ask ourselves the question: what is hacking? Hacking is the intrusion, by a person or an organization, of a computer system with the aim of obtaining protected and confidential information. Today, with the accessibility of the internet and the advent of the social networks, users are increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks.  These attacks, or hackings, can take several forms and are made by different types of …Read More

Dangerous Adware – What to do When Infected

The term adware originated from the contraction of the terms advertisement (advertising) and software. Adware falls under the heading of malware and is primarily not dangerous, but very inconvenient because the software can change the browser home page, bringing unwanted advertising on the screen or even installing a new toolbar. If you’re annoyed by always new opening windows, you most likely captured one of these programs. Adware can be extremely …Read More